Thursday Treats

Thursday Thoughts

Although I do Thursday Treats, it is pretty similar to Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom‘s Thurday Thoughts, so I am linking up with her today.

Thursday Treats is about all of the best things I have had happened in the past week as far as good things, good foods, awesome finds at stores, great TV shows, etc.

  • I got my first subscription box ever.  It was from Carefree Crafts.  Click here to see what I thought.  I can see how subscription boxes can be so addictive.  It is as bad as shopping and looking for the good deals.  I keep asking myself what is going to be inside?
  • A great surprise I had was one of my favorite shows Awkward. came back on for a new season on MTV Tuesday night.  I have loved this show since the first episode came on.  It is totally fictional, but has that reality feel to it.
  • My letter from last Friday’s Letters was answered and Phillip was kicked off of Survivor.  Finally, the good guy won one.  I was so happy with the outcome it mad my night.
  • We have had some really nice days this past week and have been able to play outside for most of the day.  S gets so worn out by the end of the day with no nap, that usually around 5 or 6 pm he starts yawning and saying how tired he is.  He has been in bed by 8:30pm every night and slept till at least 7:30 am some days it was even 8:30 am.
  • I have had B home all week and he has been able to plant the blueberry bushes for S.  I have been making baby food since S was a baby blueberries have been the hardest to get a good supply of to maintain us through the winter.   Since S has gotten older I still make the baby food and we make smoothies out of it and S can get like 8 servings of fruits and vegetables from just one smoothie.  S doesn’t like to eat the vegetables, but loves them in smoothies, especially pumpkin.
  • Today is Target day!!!!  This week I am going to use more of my Poise coupons.  I am wondering if the cooling wipes would work for a hot day.  They are made for women going through menopause who have hot flashes to use to help them cool down.  If these work to cool you down on hot summer days, I may have to keep the wipes and not donate them.

What good things have you been treated to you this week?


Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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