Target 90% clearance finds-TAKE 3

I did so good at the first two Targets I went to I couldn’t help myself and went to another.  I finally got the cake pop pan I have been wanting for so long.  I spent $16.89 and saved $88.65.


  • I finally found a 5-pack of Easter Hot Wheels cars for $.49 mixed in with the regular Hot Wheels cars, a pinwheel in the balls and kites aisle for $.29, a Chicco Lil’Jill teether in the baby section for $.39, and Lip Smacker in the beauty section for $.39.  I had one last coupon to use for John Frieda Mousse each was $1.47 and the coupon was $3/2 so they were free.


  • I found the NordicWare Cake pop pan for $1.69.  The pan was a spring color where the new NordicWare is the four colors on the new tags.   I found 2 Easter Matching games in the toy section for $.49 each.  I will keep one for next year and I think donate the other one.  The last find in this pic is a treasure chest basket.  This will be perfect to add to his pirate birthday paraphernalia for $ 1.


  • In the bubble aisle there were ton of bubble gun fans to get, but I refrained and picked through the regular bubbles to find 13 Jelly Belly bubbles at $.29 each to add to S Valentine’s gifts for next year.


  • My favorite was Brach’s Chicks and Bunnies.  B and I love these and can each sit and eat a bag in one sitting.  At this Target the candy was only 50% off not 70% so they were $1.24 each.


This is my third store today.  Click this HERE or HERE to see the first two store finds.

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