Target 90% off clearance finds-TAKE 2

  • By Stephanie
  • April 8, 2013
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I couldn’t help myself and went to another Target this afternoon.  I debated all afternoon whether I should go out to more Targets so I checked websites.  After checking in with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and seeing her finds I knew I had to go out.  B and S laid down in the recliner and took a nap so I ran out the door before given a second glance.  I spent $9.10 and saved $89.36.  I thought I spent way more than that.  I also made a separate purchase for my sister which was $7.06 and saved 64.80.

90 easter take 2-1IMG_3786

  •  I forgot to include the egg spinners in the overall picture above.  I got 3 egg spinners for $.60 each.  I am going to keep one and give the other two to my sisters.  I got 2 Jelly Bellies bubbles for $.29 each.  I plan using them for Valentine’s Day next year for S to give to classmates in his preschool class.  The F tag will go to my niece since her name starts with an F $.15.  I got the Cinderalla figurine for $.49 and it will go toward my nieces Christmas gift.


  •  8 cans of John Frieda Mousse at $1.47 each and used 4 $3/2 coupons, so they were all free.  I found a NordicWare Petits four flower pan for $2.29, which I think will be perfect to make Spring flowers for Mother’s Day.  I found an Easter craft making yarn frames for $.50.


  •  9 Bubble gun fans at $.29 each.  I got 6 of them for all of my nieces and nephew this summer and 3 for S to play with at home.


  •  This was the purchase I made for my sister of 24 bubble gun fans at $.29 each.  I know you are probably thinking the same thing I do when I look at blogs, did she really have to buy all of them at the store?  My answer no, I hate when people clear the shelves.  I did make a small dent in there stock, but no joke there were about 60 of them in the bubble aisle where I found these.  So I did buy a total of 35 with my sister and my purchases but I left half of them at this store for others.


This is only my second store today.  Click this POST to see the first store.

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