Target Toy Clearance Finds Summer 2016-Round 2 of 3

When B got home and showed me what he got I knew I wanted to go the Alexis Rd Target.  The store is so disorganized that you tend to get some of the best finds there.  I was right!  I found a ton and some of it I had not even seen yet for only $180.


  • S got the REV cars from his uncle for Christmas so when I found this ramp for them I got it.  It was only $11.98.  B said it would be fun so we are keeping it.  I found 2 flying airplanes and they were $2.98 each.  I think S is going to get one and the other we will save for a boy birthday present.  I loved the little Lego because it was a “cherry picker.”  It was only 50% off at $6.88.


  • I was hoping the little pack of Minions were going to need assembled like the other Mega Bloks.  Unfortunately they are already put together.  They were $2.38 a pack but I am returning them.  I found this phone at $6.84.  While I wasn’t crazy about the 50% off price of $6.84, I thought it would keep S busy in the car the next day.  I found both of the Max Tow Truck Minis at 70% for $2.08 and $2.38.  Since I got one of the tow trucks at 50% off I will return that one.  I had not seen these remote Hexbug spiders but when I did I thought S would love them.  They were $8.98 each. We are not sure if we are going to keep both for S or give one to his cousin Christmas.


  • I did not see any of the bike accessories on clearance when I was hunting the summer clearance. When I found all of this I had no idea if or how much I should get.  When I saw the bike ramps (2-pack) for only $6.88 I decided to get 3.  If B thought it was too many then I would just return them.  He didn’t.  I found a box that attaches to the bar handles since they don’t make baskets for boy bikes.  S always wants something so he can carry stuff with him.  It was $3.58. I found a whole kit to replace parts on a bike so we could make one of S’s old bikes look more girly.  It was only $5.38.  I found another bell to replace the one on S’s bike that seized.  It was $.88.


  • Here is the real reason I came to the Alexis store.  I wanted the Ripline Pogo Stick for S for his birthday.  He used one at a birthday party last year and loved it.  No way was I going to pay $100, but at $29.98 it was perfect.  I thought the price was so good that I got another one to give to S and P’s cousins for Christmas.  After I had finished shopping and rang out I checked my list one more time and realized I forgot the most important item….Buzz Lightyear!  I took everything out to the car and went back in to see if I could find Buzz.  I did finally find him on a bottom shelf.  There were two of them and they were 50% off at $22.98.  Since P loves Toy Story so much I knew we had to get this for her for Christmas.


I had been following Instagram and saw a Dory bike and questioned whether I should go to the store on Monroe St.  Curiosity got the best of me and I went.  I mean why  not?  B was home with the kids and I still had about an hour before bedtime.

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  • We got the bike ramps too. It is part of our anniversary routine each year. It is July 31st so around there we go to dinner and then hit the July toy clearance. LOL we hit two Targets this year but I will say since the boys are getting older it is harder to buy toys since they just don’t use/want as many. We did do pretty good though and picked up some extras that will add to whatever electronic thing they want for Christmas this year. 🙂

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