Target Halloween Clearance Items

So most years I am totally excited to go shopping at Target after Halloween to see what they have and what items I can find for next Halloween.  As I did a little research so I knew what items to look out for I was really disappointed.  I could not find very many “toy” items in the Halloween section like years past.  I even put some feelers out there to see if anyone else could find anything and got no responses.  So I am going to show the few items that I could find as far as “toy” items and houseware items (plates, cups, etc.).  I also wanted to show some of the items that I am going to be on the lookout for.  I included the DCPI’s for the items in case you wanted to check on or  Let me know if you find anything good!


  • Can you believe this is all the toys I found?  I can’t believe they didn’t have any Play-Doh or Hot Wheels packs at my store.  I need to check out the other stores in my area.  Let me know if you have anything else at your store!


  • Here are just a few of the household items that I found.  I always hunt for these and use them year round.  One year I got 40 boxes of tissues at 90% off.  I hope to find something like that again.


  • Don’t forget to check for the food with Halloween packaging.  Goldfish are Goldfish and taste just the same no matter what the package looks like!  While I didn’t get a number for the Oreo’s if they are anything like the Gingerbread Oreo’s there will be tons left over after Halloween.  Remember food only goes down to 70% clearance.


  • I love these lights.  I think the birdcages could be dressed up somehow and used for spring decoration.  This year I took outdoor decorations and used them inside.  The kids love things that light up!


  • I have solar lights outside and love the way they look to add some Halloween lights would be awesome.  The lanterns I think could be used year round I could just change the bulbs out for different colors.


  • We used to have orange lights but half the strand went out so we decided to toss them.  S was bummed we didn’t have any for outside this year so I am going to do my best to find some even if I get them at 70% off.


Those are just a few of the items I am going to keep my eyes out for.  Who know what I may find or what catches my eye.


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  • TSC says:

    No hot wheels or play doh at any of mine either! Thanks for putting this together! Last year I stocked up on the paper plates 70% off and there was also a category coupon for $5 off $25 Up & Up and cartwheel! I still have 2 packs left! I didn’t have to buy any paper plates all year! 🙂 hoping to get some again this year!

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