Target 90% Clearance Finds

I got up early this morning, woke up S and took him with me to go shopping at all four Targets that are located in my area.  3 out of the 4 stores were all marked 70% off, but I scanned and found that they were 90% off.  Funny thing is most of the items I found today were in the regular aisles.  Not because they were hidden items, just not put back in the correct area.  Good for me, bad for the store.

  • Here is snapshot of everything I found from all four stores.


  • Here is  what I got from the first store (the store located closest to me).  I spent $8.11 for all of this stuff.  I saved a total of $74.11.  I cannot believe I was able to get all of this for only $8.  It is so crazy!  This totally gave me the itch to see what else I could find at other stores.


  • I only bought two packages of these pompom superhero crafts for $.50 each.  I could have gotten more, but really how many pompom superheroes does S need to make.


  • I was so excited to read on Ramblings of a Suburban Mom about the Slushy Magic being marked down 90% off to $.99.  S has been begging for one for a really long time so I was super happy to find it.  I was happy to find the drink dispenser, because again I got the idea from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom about using it for a bubble dispenser.  I love the idea of dumping all the little containers of bubbles in it and then just getting out what I need for the moment or to refill something.  It was only $.79, and don’t you know I dropped it as I took it outside to fill and broke the lid in two.  Bummer.  I found one box of the summer Pillsbury mixes.  For only $.18 I am willing to try pink lemonade and see how it taste.  I so wanted to find orangesicles mix.


  • The gardening tools were all metal and felt that they were made of good quality.  At $.49 each what a steal of a deal.  The gardening gloves were only $.39, and the shovel was $.39.  S did not want the shovel because it was purple, but for a shovel that cheap he can use it a few times and break it for all I care.


  • My neighbor asked me to look for flotation devices for them to use in there pool, and I found all of these in the regular swim section, someone had put away in the wrong spot.  The tubes were only $.39 each and the beach ball was $.09.


  • S loves having construction equipment to play with in his rocks, so to add another vehicle for only $.19, what a deal.


  • S loves playing with these and I thought they would be perfect to take with us camping so each kid can have one, and then to take to my brother’s cottage so all the cousins can have one if they want to play together.  They were each $.49 and I found them in the regular aisle and did not even buy them all.  I wanted to, but what am I going to do with all of them.


  • At the second store almost nothing was in the clearance section.  I found almost all of it in regular aisles mixed in.  I love the hunt and it was well worth it today.  I spent $6.21 and saved $75.20.  The best deal of all was the sunblock which I got for free after coupons.


  • I was so excited to find all of these sand toys.  S could really use some new sand toys and will love playing with all of this.  The two dolphins were a good find.  The tags were a giveaway that they were part of the clearance and the other was the colors.  These colors were not part of the color scheme in the rest of the swim area toys.  The sand toys were $.79 each and the dolphins were $.29 each.  I love the dolphins because they are hand cranked and swim all over the pool on there own. NO batteries necessary!


  • I found a few more items for my neighbor’s pool.  I think the swan is hilarious and snagged that the minute I found it for only $.99, and the multi pack of swim inflatables was only $.79.  I thought these were really good deals.  I would have loved to have been able to find more Banzai inflatables but this was the only one I found on a shelf in the totally wrong area.


  • I found these foam craft shapes which will be fun to use with S.  I got them for only $.50 for 35 shapes.  The Coppertone was only $1.39 and I used a $2.00 coupon.  The cashier did not mark down the coupon to the price of the sunblock, but I did not realize this until after I left.  The reusable snow cone cups were a great find and I got them for only $.49.


  • I found these gardening tools in the regular section.  The watering can was only $.59 and all metal.  The rake feels heavy duty and will work great when the leaves start to fall off of the trees.  It was only $.69.  I found another pair of gardening gloves for only $.39.


  • At my third Target, I found more sand toys, some snow cone accessories, and another Slushy Magic!  I spent $3.98 and saved $36.20.  It’s funny how much I got for such a little amount of money.


  • The Slushy Magic was only $.99 and the snow cone cups and straws were only $.39.  How much fun will these be to use?


  • I found two more identical sand toys for $.79 each.  These may be great to take camping or take to my brother’s cottage so S will have new sand toys to play with and be excited to play in the sand.  I found two sand molds for $.29 each.  S loved the idea of using these at the beach and running his cars up and down them.


  • At the last of the four Targets I found some great items and only spent $4.20.  I saved $79.26 and got all three of the Coppertone sets for free with coupons.  Yeah!!


  • The Coppertone sets were only $1.39 each.  I had $1 coupon, and $5/2 coupon.  The cashier marked the $5 coupon so that all three sets worked out they were all free.  I only had to pay tax and very little of that because I used my Target card and got 5% off.


  • I found these two cups in the regular aisles.  The green cup has gel on the sides so you can freeze the cup and the gel will keep the liquid cold.  It was only $.69.  I am hoping S will start using this and stop using his Styrofoam cups.  The water bottle has a built in ice cube in the center that you freeze before you use the bottle.  It was only $.69.


  • I found these two paper cup super heroes in with the 90% items and asked S if he wanted to decorate cups.  He seemed excited so I got two boxes and these will be a fun craft to do on a rainy day.  For only $.50 each a great deal.  S loved this ice cream holder and wanted it.  I think this will be perfect to hold snow cones after they are filled with shaved ice.  It was only $.69.


  • I found a huge bottle of bubbles and it was only $.99.  I cannot imagine paying $9.99 for these bubbles at full price.  That is just way to much for me for BUBBLES!


  • After finding all of the other items for making snow cones I went back to my Target and wanted to see if this ice shaver was still there.  I spent $2.20 and saved $19.91.  I had it in my cart earlier in the day and then decided we didn’t need it.  Once I found all of the accessories I was hoping the ice shaver would still be there and it was!  It was only $1.49.  I found another cup in the regular aisle again for only $.69.


Again, I was really happy with all of my finds and spent a total of $24.70 for everything I got and $3.40 of it was for my neighbor.  So really I spent $21.30.  That is just amazing.   I could never get all of this for this little amount of money on any normal day.  I am so happy with everything I found, just bummed I did not find the picnic silverware organizer that I really wanted.  Had I found it at 70% off I would have bought it.


  • Christy says:

    Your neighbor thanks you greatly for getting more pool toys for her, especially at those prices!!!

  • that is NUTS. We got the gardening tools and have been using them like mad. happy with what i paid but still totally jealous!

  • Stephanie says:

    I know, I saw what others got and debated about going back out to try and find the hoses for $.99. I went to my Target to check if the toy markdown happened (it did not), and got S a hula hoop for $.39, but the hoses were all gone. I refrained from going to any other Targets, because really I don’t need anymore hoses! 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    Omg! My target was nothing like this! Only thing I could find was cookie and brownie mixes for $.16!

  • Stephanie says:

    What kind of cookie mix did you find? I really had to hunt to find all of it, but for me that is the fun part.

  • Lisa says:

    Market pantry sugar cookie mix, pink lemonade, and pills yet premium brownie mix.

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