Target 90% Christmas Clearance 2015 Finds Round 4 of 4

I had one more Target to go to and P was at about her limit.  This was going to be a quick in and out only getting what I remembered was around.  I gave P a bottle on the way to this Target because they are like magic and make her happy again.  I found all of this, was in Target for less than 25 minutes, and spent only $20.61.


  • I got 10 gift bags at $.15 each.  I think I could use them for birthday presents not just Christmas.  I found two snowmen pacifier clips which will work for the entire winter season.  I got an outfit ($2.00) for my niece who is expected to be born in March.  I found a pair of Abominable Snowman socks ($.39) for the elf to bring S next year.


  • I got a new 3D Christmas display for S to assemble next year for only $.70.  I got three more elf cosmetics for my niece for only $.60 each.  I also found three more bakers twine for $.20 each.


  • I got three pairs of pajamas.  The Spiderman jammies were $1.66.  S has never seen a Spiderman show/cartoon/movie but will still wear them.  P got two sets of jammies for $1.49 each.  I had already bought the elf jammies at $4.49 for P so I returned them.


  • I found six boxes of silverware at $.30 per box.  I also got one package of dessert plates for $.30.


  • The whole reason I wanted to go to this Target was for the Christmas binkies.  I got each pack for only $.69.  So I spent $5.52 on 8 packs and if I had bought one before Christmas I would have spent $6.99.  It is beyond crazy how cheap I got them, basically $.35 per pacifier.


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  • You did great at all your stores. I screwed up and went to two Targets the day I thought they should e 90% and they were both 70% even with my scanning to check and didn’t go to any others. Wouldn’t you know it all but those store were 90% that day. It is so crazy that they are all within about 15min of my house and they don’t work on the same schedule. Anyway by the time I figured it out it was late and the one closest to me that I did venture too didn’t have a ton of the stuff I wanted left. I got some tissue and tags that I needed, a pack of wrapping paper and some candy. I got Christmas shirts before so that all my guys could match next year. None of my stores had any real decoration stuff left when it got to 70%. I’m not sure what people did but they bought it all up at 50% craziness.

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