Target 70% Christmas Clearance 2015 Finds Round 3 of 3

I went to one final Target tonight (Monroe St) and let me tell you I was pushing it the entire time, but we perservered and found some great stuff.  I spent $56.78 and found all of this.


  • I found the Despicable Me Advent Calendar on clearance for 50% off at 14.98 and with the 15% cartwheel for clearance it was only $12.73.  If I had waited until it was 70% off it would have been $10.48, but I would have been lucky to even find one.  I had every intention of Chippy bringing it next year and giving it to S.  Well I had it hidden right up until we left the store and S says, “Hey, what is that Minion Lego down there (It’s Megabloks not Lego)?  Go figure he sees it.  He never forgets anything and would remember so I told him maybe I would give it to Chippy to give him.  I also got two packs of tissue paper for $.90 each.  I am completely out of white paper.  P got a pack of Christmas binkies and had me get them out in the store.  I kid you not, she spent 10 minutes herself trying to open the package.  I also found 3 packs of LED lights on wire string ($5.99 each).  I got battery operated ones like these and really liked them.  Thank goodness these plug in.


  • This was the Holy Grail of balloon ornaments.  I found 23 at $.90 each.  Now I have plenty of green.


Here are all of the balloon ornaments from the three stores together.  They are not very Christmas, but I like them.  Maybe I should hang them from the trees all summer?




  • You did really good at your Targets. I didn’t get a chance to go to any until today and it went to 70% yesterday (I think) so it was already getting picked over. I do plan to hit up another one tomorrow with the hopes that it is 90% and see what treasures I can find but I’m not holding my breath. If it isn’t 90% tomorrow then I won’t be doing much Target Christmas shopping. So far I got some tags today since I was actually out of those and then we got all 3 of my guys matching shirts at 50% earlier this week since they seem to think they need to match. Not Christmas but I found some Star Wars socks for C in the boy clearance for $1.97 for a 6 pack. They had two styles in his size and you better believe I grabbed both of those up.

  • I love those balloon ornaments! They would make super cool centerpieces. For what I don’t know, but they would be so neat all together “Up!” style.

  • Stephanie says:

    The ornaments make me think of “Up”, too.

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