Snail Mail Sunday

I know it’s late.  I fell asleep last night at 7pm and never woke up till this morning.  I was so busy I did not get a chance to do this post till tonight.  Better late than never!

Here are all of the free items I received in the mail this past week.  I am on a quest to see how much I can actually get.


  • Magazines-US Weekly and Watch!
  • Real Cup-3 K-cups of coffee
  • Tobacco Coupons
  • Naturals Grain-Free-Chicken and Sweet Potato formula for dogs.
  • Align Probiotic Supplement-1 week supply to help fortify your digestive system with healthy bacteria.  It also came with a $2 coupon good for CVS.
  • Mambo Sprouts Coupon Savings Book
  • Twining’s Tea-I got three flavors green tea, pure peppermint, and lady grey.
  • Mind the Pain rubber bracelet-This bracelet is to shine light about migraines.

This was a normal week for freebies.   I plan on reading the US Weekly and have no idea how I ever got subscribed to the Watch! magazine.  The Real Cups will go to my neighbor who has a Keurig coffee maker and likes coffee.  The tobacco coupons will be going in the recycling bin.  I plan on donating the Naturals Grain-Free dog food to the Humane Society.  The Align, Twining’s tea, and Mind the Pain bracelet will be put in the giveaway box for my local breadbasket donation this week.

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  • Jenny says:

    I get the Watch magazine too and no real idea how. I’ve been getting it for years though and its fun to look through. Good haul. I need to start a document of all the free stuff I get in the mail. That might be a good thing for next year. 🙂

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