Yoplait Plenti Greek Yogurt

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  • March 4, 2016
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I love throwing House Party’s when I am selected too.  House Party came out with a new way to test products Chatterbox.  Chatterbox is about trying products and not having to host a party to do so.  This is the second time I have been selected to do a Chatterbox.  It just so happens it is for the Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal Greek Yogurt.


Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal Greek Yogurt is a combination of fruit, oatmeal and Greek yogurt.  Each cup contains 16 g of Whole Grains, 11 g of Protein and comes in 6 delicious flavors.  P loves yogurt and we have not found one that she will not eat.  We started P out with plain Yoplait yogurt, which she ate when we mixed with fruit.  P then moved onto Yoplait yogurt with fruit.  We kept her on that for a while and when she turned about 18 months old we tried Greek yogurt.  S hated Greek yogurt so we had no idea what P would do with it.

IMG_2052 IMG_2051 IMG_2050

When we tried Greek yogurt with P and she ate it no problem.  After a few weeks we let her try Yoplait Plenti Greek Yogurt mixed with oats, pumpkin, & flax seeds.  I was amazed at how much she liked the mixture.  She ate the nuts without giving it a second thought.  When given the option of regular yogurt or the Plenti Greek Yogurt with oats, pumpkin, & flax seeds she has been picking the Plenti Greek Yogurt. 

IMG_1416 IMG_1412 IMG_1411

I wanted to get P to try to eat oatmeal in the morning and thought the Yoplait Plenti Greek Yogurt with Oatmeal would be a great start.  She loved the Greek Yoplait Plenti with Oatmeal.  It almost looks like oatmeal porridge.  P loves this Greek yogurt mixture and picks it almost every day to eat when she is given a choice.  I have given P regular fruit flavored oatmeal in the morning for breakfast and she likes it.  Somedays when I give her oatmeal in the morning she freaks out because she wants Plenti Greek Yogurt with Oatmeal with fruit instead.

IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1430

I have been able to find Yoplait Plenti in numerous grocery stores, but tend to buy it most often at Kroger.  There is a great selection available at Kroger.  I can get it for $1.49 each.  This one container of yogurt is a whole meal for P.


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