Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday is about all the crazy or unbelievable things that have happened in the last week to me, in the news, pop culture, etc.

Since last Wednesday here is what has happened:

  • B had to work over yesterday and ended up working 16 hours.  That meant I had the monkeys all to myself from morning till bedtime.  I swear P knew that B was not home.  She went to bed at 7:30 and at about 8:45 I could hear this loud thumping on the wall.  She was not making a peep, but I knew she was banging her crib against the wall.  I went in to check on her and she was awake in her bed with her legs hanging out of her bed.  She was swinging her legs to make her bed move.  She came out looking for B and was disappointed he was not home.  She sat with me for a few hours until B came home and then was a big goof ball.  Thankfully she went to bed at 11pm when I put her back down.  She probably could have gone down earlier but I knew she wanted to see B.
  • All of a sudden P is getting quite the little personality.  Yesterday she figured out how to shush me.  She would blow out her mouth with her finger up to her mouth.  It was hysterical and the cutest thing ever.  She also has discovered our cell phones and goes crazy to try to play with them.  She can’t do anything on them because they are locked, but she likes to make the stuff on the screens move.
  • P stands in the corner of the kitchen by the cabinets begging.  We cannot figure out what she is asking for.  It is the “snack corner.”  I will pick her up and she will stare at everything and not grab one thing.  Then she wants to look at the dishes in the cabinet, but not get anything out.  I have no idea what she wants but she goes to that corner 5-6 times a day.  I gave up yesterday and stopped going over to try and guess what she wants.


  • S is crazy anymore.  Last night he was running around like a crazy fool.  The minute I told him to stop, he sits down and says, “I’m bored!”  I asked him, “So I can let you run around being bad or you are bored, are those my options?”  His answer, “Basically.”  Yup, he is totally my kid with the sarcasm.
  • B and I finally went to Michael’s to get picture frames for P’s bathtub pictures for the pig bathroom and her one year collage.  Nine months after I got the picture (she was 21 months yesterday) taken I finally buy the frame.  I got it framed yesterday and now just need to see how long until we get it hung up!
  • We took a dog for a test drive last weekend and it totally didn’t work out.  I think we are going to have to get a puppy so they can get used to the kids and PJ can train that puppy how she wants it to be.

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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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