Troubled Tuesday

  • By Stephanie
  • December 17, 2015
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Troubled Tuesday is basically my complaint day to complain about all the troubles I have, which could range from what is happening on TV shows to who knows what.

  • Here it is Wednesday and I am finally getting to Troubled Tuesday. I had every intention of doing it Monday night and didn’t and then was going to do it yesterday and forgot before I went to bed (super late).
  • S is having his holiday party on Thursday his last day before his winter break. This is his second party in his class and I have never heard a peep beforehand other than a small note saying they are having a party.
  • B and I are pretty much over Kalahari. I think the novelty of it has worn off.
  • P did awful when it came to sleeping in the hotel room. I told B to take the pack ‘n’ play but he thought she would be fine sleeping with me. It took forever to get her to fall asleep. Finally walking her around the hotel did the trick but she fussed all night long.


  • I have to figure out a way to get P to stop hitting. She is a slapper and thrower. She will come up and slap you right across the face when you aren’t paying attention. She has a great arm on her and her aim is not too bad because we tend to get hit but the objects she throws. Usually S and I get most of it, but lately B is finally getting his share. S and I just laugh at him because we know how much it hurts and now he does too.

What is troubling you?

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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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