Target Toy Clearance Finds Summer 2016-Round 1

  • By Stephanie
  • August 7, 2016
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So last Thursday I went to my Target (Perrysburg) to check out the toy clearance.  I even waited and went in the afternoon to give the markdown team enough time to get it done.  If I missed out on clearance then it wasn’t meant to be.  Well when I got there the toys had not been marked down.  I know I talked about this before but I asked the head person on the markdown team and she told me they were not marking toys down this week.  Okay maybe my store is going to be a week later.  It has happened before.  I headed home and B went to get his windows tinted.  He asked me if I wanted him to check the Target (Airport Hwy.) and see if they had anything.  I gave him a short list of items to check and I have to say he did pretty good with what he found.  He got all of this and only spent $88.25.


  • B scored big on the Meccano toys.  I showed him the robot and he liked it.  B really liked the car.  The Meccano car was $8.98.  The robot was $44.98, and the junior set was only 50% at $12.48.  B is hoping that S can master it and then move on to the harder ones.


  • B likes Bendaroos and found a box of them for $5.98.  H also found 5 minion mystery bags for S that were only $.75 each.  I really wanted the wooded 12 in 1 game and was waiting for it to go 70% off.  B found it without me mentioning it and got it for $6.11.  S and I have been playing the games and love it.  It is super nice.



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