Target Toy Clearance Finds-Round 1 Store Revisited

  • By Stephanie
  • August 4, 2013
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After checking a lot of blogs and reading what everyone was finding I was itching to go back to Target and see if I could find more.  Guess what?  I did, and so much more!  Thanks to All Things Target for the shout out on my first shopping trips!  I guess I didn’t do an overall picture of what I got at this Target.  Everything was rushed when I got home because I had to take pictures and put it away before S saw what I bought and I had to get ready for a concert, but I did two transactions so that is how I will break it down.  In the first transaction, I spent $56.43.  A little more than I would have liked, but I found Turbo stuff and was so excited. I did also use my $5 off $35 purchase of toys Catalina coupon I got from Target.


  • Turbo was only 50% off, but what a great steal and gifts for Christmas.  I don’t think the movie has come out yet and will be a popular for Christmas gifts.  Yes I was one of those people and bought all the Turbo stuff on sale.  I could name each person I am going to give it to, so it is not like I bought it without plans on who to give it to.  The Turbo set was only $13.48 each.  It did come with one snail.  I checked to see if the snails sold separately were on clearance and they were not, but I have plenty of time to wait for them to go on sale or clearance.  S saw this through the bag as I was carrying it in and said, “Is that Turbo for me?”  When I told him I didn’t get any Turbo, he just kept telling me, “I saw it!”  I kept saying no and then he asked me to go back to Target and get him one.  How cute!


  • I also found another set for Turbo that will go great if I combine the two together to give to two brothers.  Then they can each have one and race there snails against each other.  This Turbo set was $11.48 at 50% off.  I love that it is a Taco Truck that turns into a track.  How funny is that?  I have never seen a Taco Truck toy before, guess there is a first for everything.  The rattle was a find I saw on a random shelf and when I scanned it, it came up $1.38, how could I pass that up?


  • My last little find was this Angry Birds Kinex set.  I got it for $7.48 at 50% off.  I thought this would be perfect for my nephew out in Arizona.  He loves Angry Birds and Legos, so why not start him on Kinex.  B says he loved them when he was younger.  I wouldn’t know I played with baby dolls not Legos and Kinex.


  • In my second transaction, I was shopping for B’s cousins’ little ones.  I also got some Turbo for her and Hot Wheels I had gotten S yesterday.  Her son is a year younger than S so they pretty much like the same stuff.  I spent $35.84.


  • The Turbo sets were only 50% off and were $13.48 and $11.48.  I know these will be great gifts for her son at Christmas.


  • The Hot Wheel sets were such a deal.  They were $6.88 and $3.58.  This is a great start to his little Hot Wheels collection.  If he is anything like S he will love the track that goes on the wall.


Since I did so good here, I got an itch to go to the Target that said they were going to mark there toys down Friday morning, just in case.  There was quite a bit that I wanted there, so I called B and told him I was going to that Target and would be home later!!!!!

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