Target Clearance Finds

  • By Stephanie
  • September 22, 2013
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I didn’t get a chance to go to Target on Thursday, but convinced S to go on Friday when we were out running errands.  I ended up getting a bunch more than what I planned.  S was walking around instead of staying in the cart and put some “extras” in the cart.  I ended up spending $66.93, and was pretty happy with that other than I couldn’t find my Target card and didn’t get the extra 5% off like I normally do.  So basically I had to pay for tax today.


  • My mom loves the spring float she has and is always on the look out for a replacement when it is cheap.  I found this on clearance for $14.98 and decided to get it for her and give it to her for her birthday (which is at the end of October) early.


  • I have been watching this New Balance Mini Step since I saw it go 30% and new that if it was still here when it was 70% that it would be a sign to buy it.  There was only one left and it was marked down to 70%.  I only paid $22.48, and am hoping that I actually use it to try and get in a little shape.  I figure I can do this in S’s playroom when he is playing.


  • Every time we walk down the summer swim aisles S has been asking for these monster trucks that he can play with in the water.  Today they were 70% off and when he asked for them, I told him he could have them, but would have to earn them.  They were only $3.68 each.  I am going to have plenty of time to think of ways for S to earn these since I will have till next summer to give them to him.


  • S wanted a new float like he had from this summer that he could lay on and not just sit.  We happen to find this Car’s one mixed in with others that were only 50% off.  This was 70% off at $5.68 and I told him he could have it.  He changed his mind and did not get it.  While I was looking at the replacement filters for the pool the Easter Bunny is bringing next year I saw him grab this and sneak it into the cart when he thought I wasn’t looking.  When I asked him he said he changed his mind and did want it.  I found these replacement filters for only $3.74 a box.  Each box has 2 filters.


  • I got more chalk because it was even cheaper today at only $.88 each.  That’s more than I would get from the dollar store and cheaper.  S loves bubbles and I found all of these wands for only $1.78.  S is going to have so much fun with these.  It says there are 27 different wands included.  This should keep him busy for a while.  I think I will save these and bring them out later.


  •  I had read on some blogs about the scotch tape being marked down and when I found some for myself I got it.  I could have gotten more, but no need to be greedy.  It was only $.30 for each.  S can always use another pair of scissors to practice his cutting.  Theses were $.58.


All in all I was happy with everything that we got.  Did we need all of it or any of it?  No but that is part of the fun when you are shopping.

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