Target Clearance Finds

  • By Stephanie
  • July 22, 2013
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I am going to do both my Target shopping trips for last Thursday and Saturday into one post. 

On Thursday, I did not find any really good finds.  I only picked up two items.  I bought the Cars drifter launcher again, and this time it was 50% off at only $4.98.  I saved myself $2 by rebuying this and returning the first one I purchased.  The other item I purchased was Metamucil 114 doses, because I had a coupon for one free Metamucil, so I only paid tax of $.89 and I will donate it to my local breadbasket.


Saturday morning I made a quick run to Target in hopes that the summer clearance went 70% off.  It did not, but I did find Coppertone Sunblock.  The Coppertone Babies Pure & Simple Sunblock is usually pretty expensive and this was a normal size bottle with a nice little travel tube.  I had two Target coupons for $1 off each and one manufacturer coupon for $5/2 bottles.  Regular price was $13.99, 50% off was $6.98.  With the $7 worth of coupons I basically got one bottle for free.  I also have been watching this clutch to put my Nook in inside my purse.  I do have a cover for the Nook, but I need a little more padding in my purse and it also can hold the headphones, my phone and camera for only $5.08.  I basically have a little electronic pouch in my purse and they are all easy to find.


All in all, both trips were small, but not all trips can be huge or I wouldn’t have any money left.  I am gearing up for the big toy clearance and summer clearance that will be happening this week or maybe next week.  I am glad that I bought the sunblock on Saturday because when I went back on Sunday there wasn’t any kids or babies sunblock left.

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