Target Christmas Clearance Hidden Items

  • By Stephanie
  • December 31, 2015
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I decided to compile a list of items that I am going to be on the lookout for when Target clearance goes 70% (hopefully today).   I tend to just take pictures of the tags so I can check the quantities and price on  All you need is the DPCI (Target Sku) and your zipcode.  Here are some photos I took of the products or what I was able to crop out of tag photos.

WP_20151208_007 WP_20151221_004

Lego Friends “Pop Stage” #30205






Mr. Potato Heads (Marvel)



Playdoh Candy Cane

DPCI 086-00-0570


Duncan Yo-Yo

DPCI 087-00-0309


Spritz Ornament Balls have 72 pc Building Block set or 12 ct. Bouncy Balls

(It looks like the Building Blocks will not work with any other kind of blocks aka Legos, Megabloks.)

WP_20151221_003 WP_20151221_001

Bouncy Balls DPCI 053-03-1636

72 pc Building Blocks DPCI 053-03-0079


Hot Wheels 4-pk DPCI 087-07-0178

There is also a Hot Wheels single car that has snowflakes on the cardboard.  I am thinking that is going to be part of it they are completely mixed in with the regular cars.  B found a few but I did not get a chance to scan them.


Tonka Metal Die Cast Cars DPCI 087-07-0820


Silly Putty DPCI 081-04-0873


Kinetic Sand DPCI 086-00-1323


Nerf Jolt Blaster DPCI 087-11-0498

You may find some of these still left in the Christmas section but the reason we call them “Hidden Clearance” is because so many of them either get put back in the regular sections or get put in the regular sections to begin with.  I will check the Christmas section first and then scour the aisles trying to find these items mixed in with regular stuff.  Sometimes you can hit the motherload but most of the time it is a piece here and there you will find.  I go to four Targets so if I get 1 or 2 at each then I end up with 5-8.  All of the items above I will get at 70% because the odds of getting them at 90% are slim to none.  There are some like the Nerf Blaster that I will wait till it is 90% because I don’t really need any of them.  It just depends item by item.

The last thing I found on the jewelry counter as I was walking into Target.  They are little Christmas bracelets that would be perfect for little goodies for S’s class.  The bracelets are $1 a piece and I will wait until they are 90% before I pick them up.  The bracelets are with the regular boxes on the counter so they are easily forgotten.  They had Santa, Christmas Tree, Presents and something else.  I love them.  P really loved them too and wore one around the store.

WP_20151230_017 WP_20151230_016

DPCI 215-01-0942


Good Luck hunting and let me know what you find!

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