Target 90% Valentine Clearance 2015 Finds-Round 3 of 4

  • By Stephanie
  • February 21, 2016
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I was in a rush at this point because we were planning on going to Ice Fest (in 60° weather).  There were only about 10 boxes of Valentine’s left at this store.  Really????  That is usually what is always leftover at every store.  I got quite a bit and even found 2 packs of Hot Wheels and Lego pack for only $9.92.


  • I found a pack of red gift bags for $.50.  I also found two packs of cookie boxes ($.50 each).  I also found some decorative ribbon for $.30.


  • (This picture wouldn’t edit either.)  I found all of these toys in the regular aisles.  I got 5 Nerf Rebelle ($.59 each), 1 Mega Bloks Minion ($.29), 2 packs of Hot Wheels Cars ($.44 each), 7 Snoopy Character Figurines ($.49 each), and 1 Lego pack ($.39).


I was jumping for joy when I found the Lego pack in the regular Lego aisle.  It was by far my best find of the day!  I always try to get one for S when it is City.

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