Target 90% Summer Clearance Finds 2016-Bonus Round

  • By Stephanie
  • August 4, 2016
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So all the summer clearance went on Saturday the 16th.  We went to Alexis Rd Sunday morning and had a family event in the afternoon.  On the way home from that around 6ish I asked the kids if they would go to Target with me.  I wanted to head back to the Target in Perrysburg since I was rushed Saturday morning and did not get to really look everywhere in the store.   S agreed (which he never does anymore) and P nodded yes.  So we went to see if we could find anything that was left over, returned, or put in the wrong spot.  I definitely had some great finds and got all of this for only $17.39.


  • I knew there were tote bags that were supposed to be part of the summer clearance and did not see them back in my Target summer clearance area ever.  I looked in the purses and bags section and lo and behold what do I find but 7 tote bags.  I got 3 blue and 4 red for $.99 each.  I plan on using them as gift bags for my sisters and nieces for Christmas.


  • I managed to find the portable shelter and jumbo ball at customer service in the return carts and everything else in the regular aisles.  Here is the breakdown for each item:
    • Portable Shelter-$2.99
    • Jumbo Ball-$.79
    • Water Bottle-$.59
    • Light-up Footballs-2 @ $.99 each
    • Spray Chalk Paint-$.10
    • Beach Tote with sand toys-$.99
    • Sand Buckets-2 @ $.39 each
I am not sure what I am going to do with the portable shelter.  S was playing with the ball as soon as we got it home and blew it up.  The water bottle works out great because now I have one for S and one for P.  I got the light-up footballs and plan on keeping one for a boy gift.  The spray chalk went with all the rest that I already got.  I have no idea what I am going to do with the sand toys but since I left them Saturday and it was still there Sunday night so I knew it was meant to be.  S loves the big sand buckets like this because he uses them for stools in the sandbox so I grabbed the last two I found.


  • I ended up seeing all of this craft stuff Saturday morning but didn’t bother with it because I didn’t have time.  However Sunday night I had time to think about it and got all of this craft stuff for projects later on.
    • Hair Bow Clip-$.10 (P really wanted this.)
    • Ribbons-2 @ $.30 each
    • Gift Tags-2 @ $.10
    • Cake Banner-2 @ $.10
    • Flag Banner-2 @ $.10


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