Target 90% Hidden Christmas Clearance 2015 Finds

  • By Stephanie
  • January 11, 2016
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I am obsessed with seeing what people find that are “hidden” clearance items.  I saw a ton of pillows and blankets people were finding at 90% off.  I was also seeing lamps and furniture.  Now I don’t need any of them, but just like to see if I can find the items, too.  A lot of times I will find the items and if I don’t want it I will leave it where others can find it for the great deal.  I decided to go to Target (Perrysburg) and see if I could find some hidden items.  B was home so I got to go by myself and enjoy the quiet time.  I decided to go up and down every aisle in the store and it paid off.  I found some great finds and only spent $14.50.  I didn’t get a picture of everything together because I started putting it away as soon as I got home and had S help me with some of it.


  • I think someone must have returned some boys pajamas because I found two pairs of them for only $1.69 and the other for $1.49.  I ran through the women’s intimate section and found a few pairs of Grinch undies.  One happen to be in my size and was only $.59.  I love pigs and when I was checking the toddler department I found 2 Peppa pig shirts.  They were only $1.00 each and will work for the entire winter season.  Not Christmasy at all.


  • I was walking in households and found a few dip bowls that could possibly be part of the clearance.  These red bowls and a green bowl with snowflakes.  The red bowls work perfect for our kitchen and were only $.39 each.  I ended up getting 8 of them.


  • I was hoping to find spatulas but did not luck out.  Instead I saw these cupcake liners.  Again these are not Christmasy and will work all winter long.  They were only $.19 each.  I ended up getting 7 packs of them.  I don’t think we are going to need cupcake liners for a long time!


  • I had seen a commercial for the Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch and was curious what it would taste like.  I walked up and down the beauty aisles and did not find anything, but when I got to the food it was a different story.  I found 7 bags of the Goldfish Vanilla Cupcake graham crackers.  I ended up sharing with another lady because really I don’t need them all and ended up only buying 4 bags at $.59 each.  The last thing I did was walk down the cereal aisle.  I found Captain Crunch for $.82 and the Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch for only $.75.  S was totally excited about both of them.  We are definitely getting more Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch next year.  S and I both liked it.

I scanned a ton of pillows, blankets, and furniture.  I didn’t find any at 90% off.  I did run into a few other hidden clearance shoppers and one found one pillow but that was really it.  For not expecting to find anything and just looking for some quiet time, I did pretty good.

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