Target 90% Christmas Clearance 2016 Finds-Round 3 of 4

  • By Stephanie
  • January 16, 2017
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I only have two left to do.  I really need to get these done so you can see what I found at my Target (Perrysburg).  I knew of a few items I was going to get before it went 90% that were “hidden” as they say.  They were out for anyone to find them, you just had to know they were part of the Christmas clearance.  There was a huge red pillow I had been watching and when I came in on the 2nd (it is now the 3rd) it was still there in the regular aisle.  I also knew of some plates and napkins that were part of the clearance.  I spent $54.22 and managed to get all of this!

  • My best hidden clearance gem was the large block Jenga.  I got it for $5.09 regularly $59.99.  Awesome!  It was back in the toy area.  I wish I could have found a few more but for that price it will make a nice birthday present.

  • I got the princess and minion coloring books for $.30.  I also found a few more of the Christmas finger puppets for .39 each.  The Maybelline Baby Lips $1.79, the Burt’s Bees was $.89 (I got six), and the Christmas lip gloss was only $.10 each.  I got a notebook for $.50 and tons of eraser packs for goody bags.  They were only $.10 each.  I got more MyMoji packs for $.29 each.  I bought a small binder for my recipes for $.30 and file folders to cut down and fit in the binder for $.10.  I found a pack of cookie cutters for $.79.

  • I got a  ton of napkins and plates.  These will work for any occasion.  The green triangles are borderline but would work great for St. Patrick’s Day.  The napkins were all $.30 a pack.  I also found 3 more silver bricks for S to find on Easter morning for only $.49, so that means I am returning 3 that I bought for $1.49.

  • I found these felt candy canes and plan on hanging them from the tree next year instead of real ones for $.10 per pack.  The washi tape was $.10 and $.30, and the chalk markers were $.50.  The sticker pack was $.30.  The garland banners were $.30 each.  I already combined a few together that I bought and made a “Let It Snow” banner for the entertainment center.  The sticker books will go in a goody bag for S next year and were only $.10 each.

  • I got four of the doormats for $1.29 each.  They were on a back endcap.  I restrained myself because I could have gotten all of them (15).  The snowflake bows were only $.30 and the spools of ribbon that match were also $.30 each.  I got a few more ornaments for $.30 each

  • While I didn’t get the pillow I wanted I did find another one to match the one I previously bought for my bedroom.  It was only $1.99.  The shirt was $1.29, and the Rudolph baby jammies were $1.99.  There were two red blankets but the lady who snagged the red pillow took the other one.  She didn’t want this one because it wasn’t nicely wrapped still.  No problem I took care of that when I got home and got it for only $2.49.

On my receipt it shows that I saved $443.73.  That is a ton!  I would never have spent that much on all of this at regular price!

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