Target 70% Easter Clearance Finds 2016-Round 4 of 4

  • By Stephanie
  • April 3, 2016
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I finally made it to the last Target in my area (Airport Hwy.).  B was texting me to come home, but I still managed to do a quick walk around of the store and found all of this.  I only paid just over $13.


  • I got more gift bags for next year.  The green ones were $.30 a pack and the eggs were $.90 a pack.  I found two more tablecloths for P’s party for $.90 each.  I found purple paper straws, 5 of them, for $.30 each.


  • The entire time I have been looking at all the Easter clearance I have been hunting for the Buzz Lightyear egg transformer.  I found a few Hero (from the Disney movie), but S never really liked the movie so I passed on them.  Then I found the Lightning McQueen and knew it was perfect for S.  It was $1.49.  I got another Lego for $1.19.  I found a box of them but decided to wait and if I got them for 90% off perfect, if not, I didn’t need them.  I found two light up wands for S and P for $.30 each.  I managed to find two more toothbrushes for $1.49 each.  As I was walking out of the toy aisle to checkout I found Woody on an endcap just laying there.  It was $1.49.  It is not the same as Buzz, but I think P will be happy either way.


Here is a close-up of the eggs I got and I am including a picture of the Buzz I found before Easter.



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