Target 70% Christmas Clearance 2017 Finds-Round 5 of 5

  • By Stephanie
  • January 1, 2017
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I almost always end up running back to my Target (Perrysburg) to double check for items I may have missed.  I came home put P down for her nap and ran back out to Target.  I knew exactly what I was looking for so I hit the spots and as I was on my way to check out B called me.  He wanted to let me know that I needed to come home because he cut his hand and thought he needed to go get stitches.  Long story short he had a gash under his thumb on his palm that did end up requiring 8 stitches.

Back to my Target shopping trip.  I was not deterred from checking out before I left and ended up spending $30.73.


  • I love this dress and have now got it in 3 different sizes.  It was only $2.87.  I found an I stocking and a small T stocking.  I plan on doing a little surgery and converting the I to a T.  The large stocking was $3.90 and the small stocking was $.90.  I have since done it and while the stocking is not perfect it was a good fix.  I may just buy a T stocking at a full price next year.


  • I found this pillow and am in love with it.  It was only $7.49 and matches the living room perfectly.  The gray couches with the pops of red make this the best coordinating item we currently have.  I got two cans of body wash for $.90 each for the kids Easter baskets.  Yup I said it, “Easter baskets.”  I am already thinking about what I can put in them and use from my clearance finds.  I got two more round circles to make more crafts to hang from the light in the dining room over the table.  They were $.90 each.  I found more rocks that could hold gems inside them for S for Easter.  We are going to use them in his outdoor Easter egg hunt instead of eggs.  They were $1.50 each.  We have found the dogs and squirrels steal the real eggs if we put them outside.  Yup I found one more Hexbug for $1.49.


Even though the shopping trip was cut short I still managed to save $71.18 according to the bottom of the receipt.

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