Target 70% Christmas Clearance 2017 Finds-Round 3 of 5

  • By Stephanie
  • January 1, 2017
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I really thought I was good with going to just the two stores on Thursday.  I kept checking inventory levels and my curiosity got the better of me and I ventured out to the two other stores.  I ended up getting way more than I had planned but love everything I got.  I did get the two items I really wanted.  What are they?  You are going to have to read this post and Round 4 to find out.  I went to the Target on Monroe St. first and ended up spending $118.82.  Now I did get more lights for my Griswold neighbor so I really ended up spending $96.90.  I have to return a few of the extra stockings so in the end I spent just under $90.


  • I love the metal sign I found that lights up.  It was only $12.  You usually can’t find a small metal sign for $12 let alone a sign as big as this!  I found another Tree Dazzler!  It was $11.99 and I think two is going to be perfect to add to our tree.  S is going to love the light show.  I got 6 boxes of light for my neighbor and they were $3.59 a box.  I got a box of dew drop lights for $2.69 that I already returned because I did not realize they were battery powered.  I found 4 little stockings to spell out our last name and they were only $.90 each.  I really wanted to spell out our last name in big stockings but could not find a T so I bought what ever colors they had in the letters I could find hoping I would find a T.  I bought 5 large stockings at $3.90 each.  I am returning the red H and white R.


  • I found three outfits for P.  The Grinch jammies were a size 6 and only $5.06.  It will be a few years before she can wear them!  The snowflake outfit was only $2.87 and again she will have to wait a few years to wear this.  The t-shirt was only $1.91.


  • I found this milk jug holder and am not sure what I am going to do with it, but I really like it and it was only $1.50.  The popcorn bowl was a hit with the kids.  They love to eat popcorn and the bowl was only $1.50.  I got a new set of sheets for my bed and they were 50% off at $13.48.  We used to get a new set every Christmas but haven’t for a few years and ours are starting to show.


  • I found some Kinetic Foam for $1.49 each.  S will love playing with this stuff and I think P will get a kick out of it.  I found the Hot Wheels cars for $1.34, the 3 Shopkins for $.89 and the rocks for $1.50.  I am going to save the rocks for Easter and have S hunt for them outside.  The rock is cracked open to see if there is a treasure inside.  S is always hunting for gold outside and hopes he is going to find some in the rocks.


The savings on the bottoms of the receipt show I saved $239.08.  Amazing!

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