Target 70% Christmas Clearance 2015 Finds Round 2 of 3

  • By Stephanie
  • January 2, 2016
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When I came home from the first store P was up from her nap and they were eating popcorn.  I convinced S and P to take their popcorn with them and we would go to one maybe two Targets.  They obliged.  P is just happy to go bye-bye and S usually needs some kind of bribe.  We went to Alexis Rd. and only got two different items.  I spent $21.11 and got all of this.


  • I know you won’t believe it but they have over 100 of the Lego Friend sets.  They are everywhere.  I refrained myself and only got 12, but if they go 90% I will get each and everyone I can find.  For $.34 a piece I could donate them and make many kids happy for next Christmas.  I got these for $1.19 each.
  • I found 6 more balloon ornaments ($.90 each) and I got a green one.  I didn’t know there was green!

P was pretty good in this store because she had popcorn.  I also strapped her in so she couldn’t get out of the cart.  S said he would go to one more Target so we were off to the next.

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