Sunday Social


Sunday Social

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Did you sleepwalk as a child?

I don’t remember ever sleepwalking, but I am told I did on more than one occasion.  I would get up out of bed, go into the living room, walk around the coffee table, and go back to bed.  My parents were divorced and I have had my mom and dad tell me I did it at both of their houses.  If you say so, I don’t remember.

Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?

I never tried to run away, and as far as sneaking out of the house I never had too.  As long as I told my mom what I was doing she was okay with it.  I was a pretty honest teenager so it was never an issue.  Now my older and younger sisters were a totally different story.  I’m sure there answers for this would be totally different.

Did you have any imaginary friends?

I never had an imaginary friend, but my older sister did and it got killed by a camel walking on it when they went to the zoo or circus I can’t remember the story very well.

Did you ever go toilet papering?

I only went once in high school.  I grew up in a small town and went with a big group of girls my junior year.  I thought it was going to be more fun than what it was.  There was not so much throwing the tp in the trees as there was spreading the remnants around from the clean-up done at one of the girl’s houses from the week before.  Now the job that was done to one of the girls houses while we were doing that was amazing.  Those boys in my class could have been world champions at tp’ing.  It looked professional.

Did you ever sneak TV shows you weren’t allowed to watch?

I grew up with no cable in my house we only had antenna and got the five basic channels (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS), so the only show to sneak would have been Melrose Place.  I remember watching it, but don’t know if that was before or after I was allowed to watch it.

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