So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Life After I Dew for So What Wednesday.

Today I am saying so what if….

  • I don’t get to bed early.  I mean is 2 am too late to go to bed? Of course, it is.  I try so hard to go to bed at 11 pm, but it never seems to work out.  Either I get stuck watching a TV show I DVR’d or get hooked on playing a game on my phone (currently I am building a city on My Country).
  • My favorite TV shows seem to be reruns every other week.   It just gives me time to catch up on all of the shows that are on my DVR.  Maybe one of them will even turn into a favorite.
  • All of S toys don’t get put away every night.  Each morning the same toys get taken back out and put in the exact spot they were yesterday.  What is the point?
  • I cannot keep the desk clean in the computer room.  I mean, it is an organized mess, but I can find what I am looking for.  Since, I am the one who pays the bills and goes through the mail each week, as long as all the bills are paid on time what is the difference?
  • I don’t wear makeup every day and do not wear a lot when I do, and just subscribed to a makeup subscription box to get new makeup monthly.  Maybe this will turn me into a makeup diva.  I doubt it; I will probably have to ask my sister what to do with most of the stuff.
  • I don’t enroll S in preschool for next year.  I mean he has years of school ahead of him and at least one year of preschool still ahead before kindergarten. I think I am going to sign him up for classes at the Y that are more interactive versus learning.  He needs more time with other little kids to interact.

What are you saying ‘So What?’ to this week?

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