Silly Saturday


Silly Saturday is going to be dedicated to my pets. Since my son, S, was born three years ago my pets were my babies. Now they have taken a back burner in life. I will discuss all of the funny, gross, weird, etc. things that have happened in the last week with the pets. Right now I only have three pets, 2 dogs, PJ and Derby and one fat cat, Neezer.

Derby-You really are a cute dog, but if you continue to steal S’s Fig Newton’s when he turns his back, I am going to have to lock you downstairs when S eats.  I know you prefer human food over your own, but there is a reason dogs are not supposed to eat human food.  It could be the extra 5 lbs you have on you (It is about 50 lbs in human weight.)

Neezer-You are so cute sun bathing all day outside.  With all of the grass I planted in the backyard this week it is like I made 20 new toys in the backyard for you.  So glad I could add to your happiness.


PJ-We gave you a shot with a chew toy again (Nylabone) and it did not work.  You chewed/gnawed on the bone for about half hour and S came running saying you puked in the kitchen 2 times.  Guess that means you still cannot have chew toys.  Your first bark box is in the mail.  Hopefully there will be toys in the box for you to play with that you will not destroy.  So far all toys have lost against you, even the Kong you ate.

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