No Cavities!


So I have good news and bad news about my visit to the dentist.

First of all a little background.   I went for my bi-annual routine dental cleaning a few weeks ago.  This was my time to get x-rays and lo and behold I was told I had not one but three cavities for the first time.  I have never had a cavity before.  I really questioned whether I had a cavity, I just feel like if I have made it almost 33 years now that I should not start having cavities.  After talking to B and my neighbor I decided to get a second opinion.

Today I went for my second opinion.  I went in with my dentist already sending over my x-rays.  When I met the dentist he did a very thorough check of my teeth to see if he could see any cavities.  He said so far so good and I had really good teeth. (Duh! Don’t have to tell me twice.  Cosmetically they may not be the nicest, but when it comes to healthy they are right up there on the top.)  He went to look at my x-rays and said he did not see anything but they were a little blurry.  I finally fessed up showed him the “spots” and told the dentist where the cavities were at. He looked and could not see anything so he took more x-rays.  I was all for it and told him I did not care about the cost I just wanted him to have a good picture to look at.  So we took more x-rays and the dentist looked them over.

For the good news……I do not have any cavities.  I again showed in what my dentist told me was a cavity and he said no way.   There is no way he would touch my teeth they are not even spots that could become a cavity and would need preventative fillings.  I kept telling him it was okay if he told me I had a cavity and again he reassured me I did not have any cavities and do not let any one touch them.  You got it!

Now for the bad news…..I really hope my dentist was wrong and not trying to create more business for himself by telling me I have cavities.  What is really bad is how many of the so called “cavities” that B has had were real?  We will never know but we definitely are switching dentist.

The best part of all the dentist I saw today said it would be no charge for all of it, the consultation and digital x-rays.  I think he felt bad for me, but I was really happy to hear it.  Yes, I am calling my now former dentist to one cancel my appointment, and two to let them know we will no longer be patients and why.  Guess we will see what they say.


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