Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week. Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans. Since I now have two little ones to take care of I am going to post weekly goals for myself to try to hold myself accountable. I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

My Weekly Goals-There is a code out of for free 8×8 Shutterfly books (code:SPRINGITON) that expires on the 22nd.  I really need to work on the books and get them done.  Maybe B will give me the time to work on them Monday and Tuesday.

Monday-I need to decorate all the Easter cookies we made yesterday.  S is super excited to decorate the different shapes.  We have bunny faces, bunnies, small and large eggs.

Tuesday-I am going to decorate the rest of the cookies and finish them.

Wednesday-We are having dinner at our house because the twins are in town and my nieces leave tomorrow for Spring Break.  We are going to do a little egg hunt after dinner so S gets to have an egg hunt with some of his cousins since none of them will be here for Easter.

Thursday-It looks like we are hanging out at home today.  I will hopefully finish any decorating of the cookies that are still left.  There is a special build at Lowe’s to make the Lowe’s Nascar.  I will put P to bed and B will take S to it because it doesn’t start until 7pm!

Friday-Every year our zoo does an egg hunt for the animals.  I am hoping it won’t be too cold and I plan on taking the kids to watch the animals get their eggs.  It is actually really fun to watch the animals discover their eggs.

Saturday-There is an egg hunt out in Whitehouse by my Aunt and Uncles in the morning, and then the helicopter egg drop we have gone to since S was 1 ½ in the evening.  S is so excited to show P the helicopter egg drop.  I am sure she will love it.

Sunday-B has to work nights this weekend so we are waking him up early (10:30am) to get ready to go to my aunts.  First we have to have our egg hunt in the backyard.  After my aunts we will hang out at home and hopefully P will take a late nap.

Last Week Recap

It was a pretty quiet week around the house.  We played outside as much as possible.  If it was even remotely nice outside we were out there.  P is obsessed with being outside no matter how cold it is out.  Unfortunately, she is into trouble if she can find it.  We had two days that we had to go inside because P decided to play in the one puddle in our backyard.  She soaked two different pairs of shoes.  When we weren’t outside we were in the garage playing.  P loves her roller coaster, slide, and sandbox.

Monday we hung out at home.  It was a strange afternoon when S got off the bus.  We ended up doing his homework on the kitchen floor while P was busy hanging and playing with window gel clings.

Tuesday was a neighborhood get together day.  It was mildly warm out so all the kids played outside.  P had someone her age to play with and S had Baby A to play with.  The kids had a great time.  It was super windy so we worked on picking up Easter eggs off the ground that blew off the tree branches.


Wednesday was another nice day.  It was a little colder, but still sunny.  We spent some time after S got off the bus picking eggs up again off the ground.  The rest of the day we just hung out at home.


Thursday we went out to my aunt and uncles.  The kids have so much fun playing out there.  It takes P a minute to warm up, but once she does look out.  I ended up taking S to school today.  This is the first time all year we skipped riding the bus to school.  I made sure both kids were wearing green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. B worked late so we hung out with my neighbor because her hubby was working late too!

Saturday night it was another night of P coughing.  Instead of her waking up and not going back to sleep, she was half awake so I woke her up the rest of the way to take medicine.  She refuses to drink anything (even a bottle) when she is half or fully asleep.  I got her to take the medicine by letting her watch a little Toy Story in bed with me.  I thought she was falling asleep until B started snoring and she jumped sky high.  She had no idea what that was.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I knew it was time to put her back down.  She went down without any problems and slept through the night until 8:45am.  Of course S came in bed with me at 4am.  But he did sleep till 8am, so that was another win for me.  He hasn’t slept that late in I don’t know how long, but we had a much happier and pleasant boy on Sunday.

Sunday we hung out at home.  S played with his Moon Dough while P took her nap.  After she woke up we made sugar cookies.  P spent most of the time playing in the garage with B.  S hung out with me and watched the Nascar race.  I don’t know why but he always cheers for 48 (Jimmie Johnson).  He was hooting and hollering when he passed my driver and won the race.


Last Week

My Weekly Goals-I have two Shutterfly free book codes that expire at the end of the month, so I would like to work on some books.

Monday-B is working, and we are hanging out at home.  It is supposed to be semi-nice so we will try to squeeze in some outside time before the rain comes.

Tuesday-Another day of hanging out at home.

Wednesday-Wait for it…….another day of hanging out at home.

Thursday-It is St. Patty’s day, so I am going to make sure the kids wear green but other than that we are again, hanging out at home.

Friday-B is off, so who knows what we are going to do.

Saturday-No plans for the weekend so hanging out at home, as of now.

Sunday-Looks like another day of hanging out at home.

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