Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week. Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans. Since I now have two little ones to take care of I am going to post weekly goals for myself to try to hold myself accountable. I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

It is going to be relatively quiet around here this week.  I don’t think we really have anything going on.

My Weekly Goals-I am not making any goals for myself this week.

Monday-No plans

Tuesday-No plans

Wednesday-No plans

Thursday-No plans

Friday-No plans

Saturday-No plans

Sunday-My cousin is having her baby shower.  If everything happens as planned P will go with me.  It just depends on her nap schedule.

I told you, we really have nothing planned for this week.  The joys of January being slow and quiet.


Last Week Recap

Last week was a busy/slow week.  The Target Christmas clearance kept me on my toes most of the week.

Monday I ran to Target in the morning to check on the Christmas clearance situation.  Sadly it had not gone 90% yet.

Tuesday P and I ventured out to all four Targets in our area hunting for clearance.  In the afternoon I went with my sister to help her register for her baby shower.

Wednesday in the evening I ended up going to Target by myself.  I really just needed some alone time and I wanted to see if I could find some of the items I was seeing on Instagram.  I didn’t find anything that was pictured on Instagram but I did find some other items that were spread throughout the store.

Thursday B and I ran to Target with P after she got up from her nap.  I wanted to check out the toy clearance and see if anything got marked down further.  It did, so I am guessing next week on the 21st will be the big toy markdown.

Friday we hung out at home.  P worked all day and then ended up getting held over to work a full 16-hour day.  It was a long day for both of us.

Saturday S got invited to a party at Sky Zone so we went to that after P woke up from her nap.  I had never been there before but wanted to try it.  I wasn’t really that impressed with it.  S and P get to do more at home on there trampoline then they do there.  I was not planning on letting P jump, but when she saw everyone else jump she freaked out and I had to go get a jump ticket for her.  I got a parent pass and sat next to her the entire time.  She jumped the entire hour.  When she was done her hair was dripping in sweat.

IMG_0969 IMG_0962

Sunday it rained, then snowed, then froze, and snowed some more.  We hung out at home all day.  S went outside and played.  He wanted to shovel the entire driveway for B before he got home.  With all the ice on the driveway he barely made a dent.


Last Week

My Weekly Goals

Monday-I plan on running to Target at some point today.  I do not think the Christmas clearance will go 90% but just in case.  S has his six year check-up today, so B is going to take P over to our neighbors when he leaves for work until I get done with the doctor appointment.  It is so nice to have neighbors that we can do that.  I am watching her son for a few hours this week while she has a meeting.  She is the only one who P does not cry for; she really loves her “may.”  We hung out for a while so S could play with Baby A (although he is not a baby anymore).

Tuesday-I am heading out to Target first thing in the morning with P.  If Christmas clearance went 90% then I will drop P off after the first Target and go to the other Targets before I go back to Target with my sister to do her baby registry.  S is going back to school today which I so desperately need as much as he does.  I told him he is going to be doing so many summer camps.  He told me he doesn’t want to do any summer camps and just wants to stay home with me.  We will have to see about that.

Wednesday-B is off, so if Target didn’t go yesterday I will go to Target by myself.  Yippee!  I also need to run to Kohl’s to return a few things I bought before Christmas. Other than that we have no other plans.

Thursday-Baby A is coming over for a while and S has school.

Friday-We have no plans today so I am guessing we will just hang out at home.

Saturday-S got invited to a birthday party at Sky Zone and is beyond excited about going to the indoor trampoline park.  He is so excited to see a few of his friends from preschool.

Sunday-We have no plans, so we are just hanging out at home.

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