June 2017 Update

I looked at the calendar and cannot believe another month has passed without another post.  I just have not felt like getting on the computer.  I check my emails on my phone and only get on the computer to order something online or if I need to check something and it is not working on my phone.  In all honesty I just don’t have the energy or want to sit on the computer and post every day.  I am working on it but once you get out of the grove of doing it every day it is hard to get back to it.  It is like summer break and going back to school in the fall except I don’t have to go back to school.  If I don’t feel like every having to work on this blog again I don’t have to.  It is completely up to me.  I wondered what I would do if I no longer did the blog and in the past two months I now know what I do with that time.  READ.  I have been reading about 3-5 books a week.  When I am not reading I am playing either Candy Crush or Spider Solitaire on my phone.  Could I be doing other things? Yup, but I don’t want to.

So what have I been doing for the past month after reading the rant I just went through?  Let me tell you.

  • We got a puppy.  It took over two weeks to finally name her.  We went from Dinky Do, to Binky, and more.  We finally decided to call her Binky and B decided he just couldn’t do it.  He couldn’t imagine calling Binky outside to get her to come back.  We went back to Dinky.  Her name is Dinky.  We got her when she was just over 6 weeks old.  She is so small that stairs are not even an option right now.  Potty training was not a thought because there is no way she even realized when she was going potty.  B made her a small pen to run around in when she is inside with us.  It was a way for her to be able to run around inside and not pee all over the house.  She did great the first two weeks we had her.  She slept a ton like babies do, had to go potty every two hours, and ate like a champ.  She would play outside with us most of the day, hang out in her pen when we were inside unless we were holding her, and sleep in her kennel on the floor next to my side of the bed.  Now we are about three weeks in to having her and she sleeps through the night, is kennel trained (meaning she does not go in her kennel or pen and whines when she needs to go), and loves playing with PJ and Dash.  PJ tolerates her and plays with her.  Dash on the other hand hates the puppy.  This cat never hissed or growled for the entire year we had her until we got Dinky.  Now she hisses, growls, and will lash out at us if the puppy gets too close to her.  As I am typing this Dinky has never seen me really type and is constantly attacking my fingers.  So if you see anything spelled odd or extra letters I blame Dinky.  Because we let her run around all day outside when we first got her she is nowhere near close to being house trained.  She runs around and plays in the house and just does her business whenever she needs too.  It has been frustrating and I cannot wait until she is house trained.  This is harder than potty training either of the kids.
  • S has been busy still playing baseball a few nights a week and we started swim lessons.  S is getting better at baseball.  He hits the balls easier now.  He is a little late on his swing and most of his balls go toward first base resulting in him getting out.  It doesn’t seem to bother him when he gets out, which I like.  While he is not much better at throwing or catching the ball he is getting a better understanding of what each position does, backing up other players, and paying attention.  That has always been the hardest for him.  He sure does love to kick the stones and dusts around.  Swim lessons are four mornings a week.  He did great in the first session and moved up to swim class 4.  Once he graduates from swim class 5 there is nothing else for them to teach him.  I really do swim lessons for two reasons.  I want S to be able to swim (done) and I want him to be able to swim every day (done).  His class for the second session was full so I enrolled him for diving class.  He loves to jump off the diving board and do somersaults off them so he was excited to try this.  I cannot believe how much he has done in the first week of diving.  He is doing regular dives, and now can do back dives.  He also is working on perfecting his somersault.
  • P has been hanging out with me a ton.  While S is playing baseball she plays with me or the new friends she made.  She plays with a couple of the other player’s little sisters.  She loves them.  When baseball season is over this week she is going to be crushed when she no longer sees them.  When S was doing his first two weeks of swim lessons it was too early for P to be able to swim at toddler time so she would hang out on the side with me or she has been doing clay classes at May’s.  She isn’t the most graceful when it came to creating her clay projects.  Now that S is in diving we go later to the Rec pool and P gets to swim.  Unfortunately she learned the hard way that if she does not leave good when it is time she doesn’t get to come back the next day.  She left screaming crying on Monday, so I didn’t let her go with us on Wednesday.  The past two days she has been awesome when it was time to leave the pool.  No crying or fighting me.  She gets right out with no complaints.  P loves the new puppy and the puppy loves P’s binkies.  She takes them every chance she gets.  That is why we almost named the dog Binky.  She will run around with a binky in her mouth while P chases her.  It is one of the funniest things to watch.

  • We got new neighbors in our cul-de-sac and we were really hoping they would have children.  We lucked out and they have two little boys who are going into second and fourth grade.  One of the boys will be in the same grade as S.  He is excited to get to wait with other kids for the bus.  They have been riding bikes and playing since the boys moved in.  It is just more kids in the neighborhood to play with.
  • I had a garage sale last month.  I think I did pretty well.  I made about $400 dollars for two days.  I made way more money when I sold baby clothes two years ago but was happy with it.  It was more than I started with.  I said this after my last garage sale, but I am not doing this again.  It was way more work than what it was worth.  Next time I will just donate it all instead of the stuff that didn’t sell.

That about sums up the month for us.  Maybe I will get back to doing more posts, maybe you will hear from us next month.  I don’t know what I am going to do.  Only time will tell.

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