July 2017 Update

So another month has passed and I haven’t gotten back to daily blogging.  We have been busy with diving every day and then it always seems like something is going on during the weekends.  While I haven’t been great at blogging I have been good at posting pics on Instagram.  So you can follow me on Instagram or click the pic on the right side of the blog homepage to check out all the new pics.

We started the month of with a bang and went to my brother’s for a fun day in the sun.  The kids had a blast.  P came out of her shell and was jumping off the diving board like crazy.  She was doing a semi belly smacker and her famous timber (back smacker).  S was doing his somersaults.  He also took his entire face snorkeling mask and had a blast using it when he swam all over the pool.  It was some great bonding time for everyone.  The kids were exhausted when we headed home and P didn’t make it more than 5 minutes before she fell asleep on the way home.

We went to the Perrysburg/Maumee fireworks on the 3rd like always.  The kids have so much fun just waiting for the fireworks.  B went up early in the morning and set our chairs and a blanket up so we wouldn’t have to go up super early.  We hung out at home during the day and had a little cookout with the neighbors before we all went to the fireworks together.  P was ecstatic that her best friend A (formerly Baby A on the blog) was going to be there with us.  My nieces also came so there were tons of kids to play with.  The kids had no problem playing until it was time for the fireworks to start.  Of course, the kids loved the fireworks.  The show was actually longer than what it has been in the past.  It lasted over 30 minutes.  The kids got bored and were pretty much done after about 20 minutes.  On the 4th we went to the Waterville fireworks.  The kids love going because we don’t usually leave the house till 8:30-9pm.  We sit at a day care that is so close to where the set the fireworks off at and have the best seats.  The kids played with Uncle F and Aunt D until the fireworks started.  Those lasted about 20 minutes and it was the perfect amount of time.

S switched over from swim lessons to diving lessons.  He is amazing at them.  He has been able to kind of dive forward and has been doing forward somersaults since he was 4, on the first day of diving lessons he was doing a really good forward dive, his somersault, and learned a back dive!  S had no fear when it came to trying new moves on the diving board.  Within the first session of diving he was doing forward dive, backward dive, forward somersault, and backward somersault.  In the second session of diving he was working on doing half twist forward dive and half twist backward dive.  I think we may have found his sport that he can really excel at.  S is afraid of doing back smackers and belly smackers, but somehow preservers when it comes to trying new moves on the diving board.  If only he could figure out the approach so he could get more height.  P is so excited to cheer on his brother when he is diving.  Of course it helps that she gets to play in the water while he is diving.  She is as much a water baby as S is.

P finally went to her first movie at the theaters.  We went to see Cars 3.  She tried her best but could not make it sitting through the entire movie.  I ended up taking her out to the car about 2/3 of the way through.  Maybe we will try it again in 6 months.

We finally got the boat out in the water for the first time this summer.  We went out to Maumee Bay and were surprised to see a bald eagle.  It was a nice treat; I have never seen one outside of the zoo.  P loves the boat so much and she really likes that she is now big enough that she can sit in her own seat (as long as she lets me hang on to her life jacket).  We have managed in the past month to go out a few more times.  We went to eat down at the docks with Papa and took S’s cousin F tubing with him another day.  P was going to go tubing with me (it would have been her first time), but the boat did not agree and we could not get both engines running.

The new puppy, Dinky Doo, yup that is the name we finally agreed on is a monster.  She is a crazy little thing.  We are trying are best with her but she is so hard to potty train.  We can put her out to do her business, watch her to make sure does, and she will still come in and go another 3-4 times in the house within an hour.  It sucks and is driving us crazy.  On a good note she does sleep through the night.  Her and Dash are finally starting to get along.  They play a more cat and mouse game but at least the hissing has stopped.  PJ is really indifferent with the whole situation.  She tolerates Dinky Doo and plays with her.  When she is done she will walk away and take a nap.

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