Foto Friday-Target 90% Valentine Clearance 2017 Finds

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  • February 26, 2017
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Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.  It looks like I caught what P had and have not felt well all week.  Monday was by far the worst and the rest of the week I have just been recovering.  I was checking my camera and phone and only took 3 pics this week.  Three pictures is unheard of for me.  I always take pictures.  It just goes to show how out of it I was.  P and S did get to enjoy the super nice weather we had this week.  Even though I didn’t feel well I could just as easily sit outside in a chair as I could on the couch.

This week instead of doing a recap of each store I visited for the Valentine clearance separately I am going to do one big quick recap.  I did pretty good and got a bunch of good stuff.  I didn’t get a door wreath or decoration like I was hoping for but I may find something to make for it next year.  There was a 25% cartwheel on clothes so all of the Valentine clothes I found at 90% off I also got another 25% off on them.  It truly was a great deal on the clothes.

Store 1 of 4-Perrysburg

Spent $28.99, Saved $219.14

Here is a breakdown of the items:

  1. I found the “Love” sign which I was so ecstatic to find (sadly not the heart), for $3.49.  The chalk hearts were $.30, the heart garland was $.50 each, the envelope was $.10 and the window gel clings were $.20 each.
  2. I got P two hats she really wanted for $.30 each, the Minion cups for $.30 each, the V-day milk jug cup for $.39, glass jars for $.30, loofahs for $.19 each, and the cute booties for $.59.
  3. I got 27 D-lectibles for $.30 each.  I plan on using one of each design to fill Easter eggs for P for next year and the rest will be used for part of goody bags for S’s class.
  4. I cannot believe I found a pillow.  They are so hard to find at 90% off.  It was sitting in a display on a couch.  I plan covering it with one of my new pillow covers.  The pillow was only $1.49.  I got 2 red canisters for $.30 each, the shirt for $2.62 (not part of the V-day clearance but it was super cute), the Love leggings for $.59, sucker sticks for $.24, gift bags for $.14 each, the Vaseline gloss for $.29, and the Troll hair bands for $.50.
  5. I got some Finding Dory stuff to use as prizes for when P got on the potty.  I got the plastic containers for $1.49.  I took the candy out of them and put stickers in them.  She was excited to get the stickers.  I got the paint can for $.70 used the stickers from it in the Dory containers and used the paint can to store all the Dory and Nemos.  I found a bouncy ball for $.30 that lights up, two Imagine Ink books for $.50 each, and two Minion books for $.30 each.

Store 2 of 4-Alexis Rd.

Spent $6.08, Saved $59.21

Here is a breakdown of the items:

  1. I found the Tsum Tsum shirt I really wanted for P.  It was only $.66 and the dress was $1.11.
  2. I found a banner for next year for $.79, the sticky hands were $.20, and I found a pack of Thomas Minis for only $.44.
  3. I got a pack of Dory gummies for potty treats for P for only $.30.  The treat bags were $.19 each, I got 3 packs of sucker sticks for $.24 each and I found the cookie cutters for $.49!
  4. I got two packs of washi tape for $.10 each, scrapbooking letter stickers for $.10, a gel window cling for $.2, and street wall decals for $.30.  I am not sure if I am going to let S use them to decorate in a room or if I will use them for scrapbooking stickers.

Store 3 of 4, Monroe St.

Spent $25.49, Saved $49.62

Here is a breakdown of the items:

  1. So everything in the first picture was regular clearance.  I finally got the Garth Brooks cd set for $8.98, a Crayola Dory coloring set for $7.48, a set of pjs for $3.36, and I found a wedding planner book for my sister who is getting married this fall for only $.50.
  2. I got some Frozen erasers to add to P’s potty prize box for only $.50, 2 more loofahs for $.19 each, a bouncy ball for $.30, a 4-pack of bubbles for $.10, and another set of Thomas Minis for $.44.
  3. I found two of the cooking utensil sets for $.59 each.  I plan on giving one to my niece because she loves to cook and save the other for a gift.  I got one pack of macaroon boxes for $.40, 2 sets of Scotch washi tape for $.40 each and 2 sets of garland for $.30 each.

Store 4 of 4, Airport Hwy.

Spent $7.24, Saved $69.22

Here is a breakdown of the items:

  1. I got some felt hearts to make a craft for next year.  They were only $.10 each.  I got another pack of bubbles for $.10, washi tape for $.10, and more scrapbooking letters for $.10.
  2. I did end up getting Finding Dory sticker boxes and valentines.  They were all $.40 each, so $1.60 for all those valentines is a great deal.
  3. I found 2 more cups for $.30 each, a Dory bag for $.49, 7 bouncy balls for $.30 each, the Snoopy shirt I really wanted for $.66, and a Hello Kitty shirt for $.66

Overall, I am really happy with everything I got.  Did I need any of it, not really.  Next up, Easter!

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