Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.


  • We went out on the boat last Saturday.  S was sitting on my lap asking B to go faster and hit bumps (waves).  S loves to jump the waves just as much as B and me.
  • S also loves to drive the boat.  As you can see he can’t really see over the dash to see where he is going so he just moving the wheel back and forth.  He likes to see how the boat moves when he turns the wheel.


  • S loved to watch Uncle J race at MIS.  He knew exactly what car was his every time it went around the race course.
  • S got to swim with F this week and was so happy.  He loves when F comes over to play.


  • B made a bunch of chili sauce and canned it last weekend.  He also canned some tomatoes.  We will be having chili all winter long.  Maybe we will have some summer chili!
  • I drew a race course on the driveway for S to drive his race car around.  I tried to make a hard race course for him, but he conquered the course with no problem.  This kid is going to be one heck of a driver when he gets older.  I had to call B outside so he could see him drive this course.  Unbelievable!


  • S started being an acrobat and was doing crazy stunts.  He just came up with this and started hanging upside down from the couch.  Whatever makes you happy.
  • S was so proud of the cake we made for B.  We only used one candle and S wanted to know why we didn’t put all the candles on it.  Really because I didn’t go out and buy 36 candles.  I only have the standard box of 12 and keep using one more each year for S’s birthday.


  • S loves to get piggybacks from B.  When he is on B’s back he puts his feet in B’s back pockets or on top of B’s belt.  S loves it as you can tell from the picture.
  • S helping with Baby A.  He wanted to make sure that the swing was moving.  S hasn’t realized that the swing will move on its own.  As long as Baby A doesn’t mind, I am not saying anything.
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