Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.


  • S loves driving his truck around and on this day he was all about getting the cones out and lining them up all over the driveway.  He did great driving around the cones and creating his own little course.  Unfortunately, he then found it was more fun to drive over the cones and create a bumpy ride.  He got stuck on the cones and I refused to help him so he had to push the truck off the cones all by himself.  You know what, he did it!  S was so proud of himself when he accomplished this.
  • This past weekend my grandma passed away and we had to go to the showing and funeral.  S did great at the showing lasting the whole time.  With about a half hour to go, he was getting bored and being loud, so I got the Nook out and let him watch train videos.  He loves using the ear buds, and looks so cute doing it!


  • S was working really hard on putting this puzzle together.  He was so cute with how hard he was concentrating.
  • We went out on the boat this week and S had to take his binoculars with him.  At one point, he asked B to stop so he could look at some birds.


  • S was having so much fun on the boat.  He loves to go fast and jump the waves.  There was a lot of screaming coming out those little lungs.
  • I think the best thing for S is when he gets to drive the boat.  He just loves it.  He is constantly going back and forth and loves making the boat move.

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