Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.  This week was full of fireworks, a parade, and many more fireworks.

July 2

WP_20160703_006 WP_20160702_003

  • I made more sugar cookies and decorated them in red, white, & blue.  I love the way they turned out and they were so much easier to do than what they look.
  • We went to a parade last Saturday morning.  It was a Bicentennial parade celebrating Perrysburg’s 200th birthday.  The kids had so much fun hanging out together and getting candy.

WP_20160702_019 WP_20160702_022

  • S got a Wubble Ball for Christmas and we finally got it out.  The kids loved playing with it.  Unfortunately, it picked up every piece of dirt, grass, and everything else it touched.
  • P got to do her first sparkler.  She loved doing them but we could not let go of them because she is a monster.

  • The kids loved watching the fireworks.  P sat on my uncle’s lap for most of the fireworks.  She loved them and was making all kinds of noises.

July 3


  • P and I were keeping ourselves busy while we waited for the sun to set so we could see fireworks.
  • Because Perrysburg was celebrating there Bicentennial they had way more fireworks than normal.  This is what they looked like the entire time.  About 5-7 fireworks each time instead of just 1-2.

July 4

IMG_3975 IMG_3980

  • We went to a cookout at my dad’s on the fourth.  The kids had so much fun.  They love to swim.  P did her own thing and kept jumping off the ladder and kicking around in her little yellow tube.
  • We left my dad’s about 4pm, much later than I had planned. P didn’t even make it 2 blocks before she was asleep in her seat.  I love to watch her head bob all over the place.  If I hold her head in place and only hang on with one hand it makes it so much harder to pedal with S on the third wheel behind me.


  • Since P took such a late nap I decided to go ahead and take her to see the fireworks in downtown Toledo.  I was going to get close but planned on watching them from the car.  S said he wanted to go so the three of us got showers, in our pajamas, and headed out to find fireworks.  Both of the kids thought it was awesome they got to stand up out the sunroof to watch the fireworks.  P was done with the fireworks about halfway through and S did not complain when we all got buckled in to watch the finale.  S fell asleep on the way home and P was wide awake.  Thankfully she went to sleep no problems when we got home and S went right back down.

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