Foto Friday

Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.

WP_20160604_003 WP_20160604_005

  • P was playing with her cousin the birthday boy in the little pool.  She loves to play in the water and was very happy to have little friends her age.
  • I had to really zoom in on the picture, but it is S with his cousin.  He was so happy to have a cousin who was a little older than him but still in the same age bracket (if that makes any sense) to play with.

WP_20160605_004 WP_20160605_012

  • I put P in a cute new dress for a graduation party we went too.  She had the cutest piggies in her hair and kept them in the entire party.
  • After we got home from the graduation party we went over to B’s parents for a while.  The kids wanted to ride with B on his 4-wheeler.  The picture is out of focus because they were zooming past me.

IMG_3591 WP_20160608_003

  • This picture is from last week, but cracked me up so much I had to share it.  As I was getting things ready to go over to B’s parents this is what P was doing.  Putting on her brothers dress shoes, a winter hat that was too small for her head, and a pair of red clothes that I have no idea where she found.   She reminded me of a little gnome.
  • P got to eat one of the butterscotch chip oatmeal cookies I made.  Every bite she took she kept saying, “Mmmmm.”  She only ate about half and then she was done with it.

IMG_3646 WP_20160609_004

  • I love this little outfit on P.  The hairband makes it so perfect.  She got to eat a bomb popsicle and when she saw it was three different colors the only thing she could say was, “Wowww.”  After she ate the entire popsicle there were only two tiny drops on her shirt.  She does amazing with them.
  • P loves Baby L.  As you can see Baby L is not to thrilled but she tolerates it.

IMG_3648 IMG_3652

  • After a long day playing outside and the farmer’s market the two of them were done for the day.  They both climbed into there chairs and nicely shared the same blanket.
  • When P gets tired she likes to climb up on the couch next to me and cover-up.  She kept pretending she was sleeping and then were smirk at me when she thought she fooled me.  Wait till the joke is on her and she actually does fall asleep when she is pretending to sleep!
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