Foto Friday


Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.  It was a quiet week around here, so not too many cool pictures.  Just us hanging around.


  • We went down to tractor days to check out a bunch of different kinds of tractors.  Duh! That is why they call it tractor days.  S got to pet his first baby chick.  He had the option to hold the chick but refused to do it.  He thought it was a bird and not a chick because it was black with a yellow beak.  Kind of looks like a baby crow.  A finger touch was all that chick saw from S.
  • S loves to swing on his own like a big boy.  He can be such a character when he is on the swing.
  • S wanted to help B work out in the yard.  Since it was after 5 pm, I did not make S put sunblock on, but he had to wear a hat.  This is the hat he chose with those awesome rain boots.  Since B was wearing boots so did S.  S loaded up his wheel barrel with his shovel and hoe to go help.  How cute!


  • There is a flowering cherry tree in our front yard that has basically all but died.  Only one graft on the tree is still alive.  I have wanted to have B cut the dead part of the tree off to see what the tree would look like.  B let S help him saw the dead part of the tree off and S was so excited to help.  I made S keep his helmet on while doing this just in case.
  • We were at Grandma’s and S’s cousin F was driving the gator around.  Sparky (I call him Mr. Sparkles) is such an old man and always shakes of fear when F is around.  F was cute with her helmet on backwards but Sparky was just funny because he just chilled in the back and was not shaking.  He sure does love his car rides, in any car.
  • Grandma gave S a puzzle because he had such a nasty rash on his back.  This was a jumbo Thomas and Friends 24-piece puzzle.  When it was time to get a shower before bedtime, S was trying to prolong it as much as possible and begged to put the new puzzle together before he took a shower.  B gave in and put the puzzle together with S.  S loves to do puzzles and this one was super easy since the pieces were so big.
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