Foto Friday


Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.   With the weather outside being so beautiful this past week we spent most of the week outside.


  • Believe it or not I was actually upstairs making dinner and looked down to see B jumping on the trampoline with S.  S has been begging everyone to jump with him on the trampoline.  So when B got on to jump, S was so happy.
  • Later in the day even the rain did not keep us away from watching my nieces, S’s cousins in a parade with their cheerleading team.  S got so much candy it was unreal.  We came away with a huge bag full of candy.


  • S is learning to swing on a big boy swing.  He now remembers to hold onto the swing and not let go when he is done.  Now it is learning to pump.  He can do the legs back and forth/bend or straight.  When he tries to get the top half of his body to work with his legs he tends to lean to far back and slides off the swing.  So for now we are concentrating on the legs.
  • S went to his cousin’s birthday party on Sunday.  This is not the cousin that had the birthday, but this is by far S’s favorite cousin, Lila.  Lila was his first official word other than mama or dada.  They were so cute either holding hands or putting their arm around each other waiting for their turn to go in the games.  On a side note, look how good B looks in the background watching S.  He has had that same pair of sunglasses since 2002.  No joke, we bought them in Arizona in 2002 and he still has them with no scratches on them.  Talk about loving a pair of sunglasses.


  • S was showing me his clean white teeth, and because he let the dental hygienist clean all of the calcified plaque off his teeth he got Talking Diesel and Thomas as a reward for sitting there like a big boy.
  • S is jumping on the trampoline with PJ jumping along.  That dog loves to jump on the trampoline and S is only too happy to let him jump with him.


  • S loves to drive his racecar.  I made him a racetrack on the driveway with all kinds of turns.  S was so happy to have a track to follow.  He actually did a really good job staying inside the lines and following them all over the driveway.
  • The next day S was so happy to see the racetrack was still on the driveway that he wanted to take his bike and ride around on the track.  S asked me if we could take the training wheels off so he could ride on two wheels.  I am not sure if he is ready but we are going to try this weekend and see how it goes.


  • S was being photogenic and posing for pictures with his train.  He was so happy to get this train back out and play with it.  He only has about five different trains and tracks to pick from.
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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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