Clearance Finds

Last Wednesday we went to the mall to visit the Disney Store for their playdate.  Afterward we walked around shopping.  I found some great deals at JCPenney’s.  Penney’s was taking an additional 25% off clearance prices.


  • S loved this American Muscle car.  He said, “I want the Hot Ride shirt.”  I was able to get it for $3.00


  • I picked out two John Deere shirts and asked S if he wanted them.  He declined on the camo shirt and said he liked this one.  I was able to get this for $4.49.


  • I found some really cheap flip-flops for S.  They only had one pair in his current size and then two in the next size up.  They were only $.37 each.  So cheap, I could not pass them up.


  • I am always looking for good deals on tennis shoes for S.  I hate to pay even close to full price for shoes that I know S is going to grow out of in only a few months.  These aren’t the cutest shoes ever but for $7.75 they can be play shoes as far as I am concerned.  S liked them because they light up.


This was a great little find at JCPenney’s.  I was able to get all of the for $17.18.  The shoes alone are regularly $34.99.  I am not one to shop at the mall, but since we were there we walked around.  S was actually being so good at the mall, I may actually take him to the mall more often.

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