Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday is about all the crazy or unbelievable things that have happened in the last week to me, in the news, pop culture, etc.

Since last Wednesday here is what has happened:

  • I gave B the green light to start looking for a new truck.  His truck is creeping up on being 10 years old and it’s time.  Once I said go ahead and look he took off at a full sprint and has found two trucks that he is extremely interested in.
  • B got the Mr. Potato Head’s back out and P has been playing with them non-stop.  Once in a while S will get in there and put one together.  He has been asking us to put them up high to display all of his creations.


  • For some reason our wireless cable boxes are not working.  Curses you silly boxes!
  • P has been on a serious kick of drinking more bottles.  She has been drinking 2-4oz milk bottles twice a day for almost a year.  Lately she has been drinking 3-4 bottles a day.  She wants one after she wakes up from her nap sometimes, and then one in the evening.
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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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