Troubled Tuesday

Troubled Tuesdays is basically my complaint day to complain about all of the troubles I have, which could range from what is happening on TV shows to who knows what.

  • Why does there always have to be one of those at music concerts.  B and I went to see Carrie Underwood with Hunter Hayes opening and of course we had another concert goer in front who could not keep her hands down.  We sat on the upper level so there is almost a protocol of how things go.  Floor level-have a ball, and go wild you paid big bucks for your tickets enjoy them. First level-you may stand the entire concert or sit as you wish and have fun. No crazy antics.  Second level-you sit.  It is so steep up on the second level that you sit because standing and dancing will result in a tumble to the lower level.  This girl in front of us was going crazy with her hands, you would think she was praying to Carrie Underwood.  So a lot of my pictures and videos have hands and arms swaying throughout them.  A guy that sat next to me was hysterical with how mad he was getting at the girl.  I couldn’t help but laugh at her, because she was so funny.  When Carrie Underwood sings about a Louieville Slugger in one of her songs, she was swinging a fake bat in the air.  I had tears coming out of my eyes laughing at her.

Carrie Underwood arm in pic

  • I went to another Target yesterday to get a pair of shoes that my Target did not have in my size.  The good news is they had the shoes in my size, the bad news was they were not on clearance for 70% off like they were at my store.  The shoes were still full price at $29.99.  Of course, I had to pass.

Women's Mossimo® Perl Cage High Heel Sandals - Black Quick Information

  • S has taken a nap for the past 3 days which has been so nice to have that break in the afternoon, but boy do I pay for it at bedtime.  Instead of S going to bed around 8pm he will not go to bed until 10pm-11pm.  So in turn I stay up extra late, even though he gets up at the bright and shiny time of 7am.  It a vicious cycle for the both of us.  He is tired because he got up to early and needs a nap and I am tired because he gets up so early and goes to bed so much later.


  • S broke my new desk I got to use with my laptop in the living room.  I got it so the laptop would not have to sit on my lap and get too hot or make me too hot.  He literally snapped the leg at the joint so it is none repairable.  I really liked using it and was looking forward to using it in many different ways.

What is troubling you?

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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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