Troubled Tuesday

Troubled Tuesdays is basically my complaint day to complain about all of the troubles I have, which could range from what is happening on TV shows to who knows what.

  •  I didn’t go swimming the entire time I was at my brother’s cottage.  The first few days it was chilly like it only got up to 68°, was cloudy, and breezy.  The last few days weren’t very warm but the sun was hot.  Once I saw the snake in the water, it was a lost cause.  There was no way I was getting in the water.  I hated even putting my feet in the water to rinse off the sand toys.
  • B forgot my knee board at my brother’s.  Now that the boat is running great I can actually use it, but not if it is at my brother’s cottage.
  • Neezer brought another vole into the house ALIVE.  I got up Sunday morning early because the cat was crying like crazy so I figured he really needed his insulin.  I gave him his shot and Derby started going crazy out in the kitchen.  I looked on the ground and saw some mud on the floor.  After closer inspection it looked like rodent droppings.  Ewwww, gross!  I went and woke B up to tell him I thought there may be a vole in the kitchen because I saw dropping and Derby was going nuts.  He got up, and I went back to sleep.  After I asked later he said he did find a live vole in the bottom of the recycling trash can.  So glad he was home to deal with it.  I did not want to have to deal with another live vole.  Bad kitty, good Derby!
  • I saw online that my Target credit card balance this month is over $600.  Ugh, I love finding all the toys at a great price, but hate to see the credit card afterwards.
  • I have eaten way too much candy in the past week!  Even my teeth are starting to hurt from all the candy.  My jaw has been super sore from chewing all the candy like Swedish Fish, Salt Water Taffy and Nips.  Darn that TMJ from preventing me from enjoying candy!
  • S has been trying to sleep with me every night and doesn’t want to go to sleep unless I am in his room again.  When we are on vacation I usually lay down in the room with him to get him to fall asleep.  It is nice for vacation because bedtime is a breeze, but when we get home it makes bedtime more difficult and staying in bed all night is a whole other issue.  I sure do miss when he slept in a crib and couldn’t get out.
  • My BarkBox has been stuck in New Jersey since the 14th.  what the heck, did it get lost?  I actually have two coming and they are both still stuck in New Jersey according to the tracking codes.

What is troubling you?

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.  That means if you order a subscription to BarkBox, my pups will get a box for free!

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