Troubled Tuesday

Troubled Tuesday is basically my complaint day to complain about all the troubles I have, which could range from what is happening on TV shows to who knows what.

  • So over the weekend I was looking and could not believe I only took two short videos at the wedding last week.  I did a recovery on my SD card of my camera, and I took over 10 videos.  Unfortunately, it could not recover any of the videos, so I lost them.  It is a bummer because I got a ton of video of P and S dancing.  I wonder if P deleted videos on accident if she got a hold of my camera.  Totally possible.
  • I watched all five seasons of Game of Thrones.  Once I had finished three seasons, I had to keep going to see what happens.  It is like a bad book.  I have to finish it just in case it gets better.  It usually never does, but there is always a chance.  Season 6 comes out this month, so I guess we will see.

Game of Thrones

  • Why isn’t the Discovery Channel available On Demand with cable?  We have had two cable companies, a local (Buckeye) and AT&T U-Verse and neither had it available.  Some of the best shows are on Discovery Channel and I would love to be able to catch up on them or watch shows I didn’t even know was on…..Venom Hunters.  (I hate snakes, but am curious to see how and what they do.)
  • How is it that I always come down to the minute when it comes time to posting a review?  I will literally post it the day it is due at 11:59pm.  I have no idea why I wait till the last minute.  If I know they are going to expire I can pound out reviews like no other.  If I know they are due in a week it takes me forever to write one.  I guess I need that sense of urgency.  The same thing can be said about writing my daily posts. (I wrote this on Saturday night!)
  • We got a ton of snow on Friday night.  The snowflakes that started it were ginormous.  They were the size of my palm.  No joke.  By Saturday morning we had about 7 inches.  So the biggest snowfalls in November and April and basically nothing during the snow months.  Mother Nature has things a little backwards at the moment.


  • I have still not watched a Detroit Tigers game yet this year.  I need to print a schedule out of the days, times, and channels I can catch it on.

Detroit Tigers

What is troubling you?

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