Troubled Tuesday

  • By Stephanie
  • December 22, 2015
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Troubled Tuesday is basically my complaint day to complain about all the troubles I have, which could range from what is happening on TV shows to who knows what.

  • I took my eyes off of P for only a few seconds Sunday morning and she chucked a remote at my face.  Sunday I had a swollen lip that ended up turning purple/black and is now bruising above my lip.  Gotta love the war marks that P has given me.
  • Here it is late Monday night/Early Tuesday morning and I still have not had a chance to touch the basement.  How in the world am I supposed to wrap with S today if there is nowhere to wrap.
  • We got S’s birthday pictures done yesterday (Monday) and they called to reschedule me which in return caused P to only get one of her naps and it happen to be her 1 hr nap.  She desperately needed that 2-hour nap.  Maybe today.
  • There is only a few days left before Christmas.  I am not ready for it to be over.  I love having the Christmas tree up and all the decorations out.  The only good think about January is the Target 90% Christmas clearance.
  • I watched The Borgias on Netflix which was on Showtime for 3 seasons.  At the beginning I really liked it and by the end I was so bored with it.  No wonder it wasn’t on longer.  The problem I had was I only had a few episodes to go and wanted to see how they finished it so I stuck it out.

The Borgias

What is troubling you?

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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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