Target Valentine Hidden Clearance Items

I did some leg work ahead of time and wanted to show you the items I am going to be watching for after today.  While there are many more items that fall in the Valentine category these are the ones I am most interested in.

Home Items

These items were on an endcap when I took the picture, however, they will get mixed in the regular aisles.   The pillows, jewelry trays, and wreaths you have a good chance of finding in the regular aisles.

Holiday Section

These items are going to be in the holiday section.  They are fun items that are usually scooped up before the holiday or right when it goes 50% off.  I may have to get the bird and cactus when they are 50%.

Misc. Items

In years past the art supplies have been part of the Valentine clearance.  Only particular colors so the Crayola My Color is Pink will be part of it but not the purple, yellow, or orange.  The Crayola crayons that have the Trolls on them not the regular ones.  Notice how the glitter is just pink and purple so those will probably be the only two colors part of it.

Update:  So I went to Target today (15th) and scanned a few of the items to see if they went clearance.  This is not like years pasts.  All of the Crayola stuff was not part of the Valentine clearance.


Make sure you check the regular toy aisles.  These toys can easily get put back in with regular toys.  There are only subtle differences in the items the Item # on the stones.  A difference of two letters makes it part of the Valentine clearance or regular price.  The Lego will get mixed in with the other Legos and up at the front registers.  The Thomas Minis are only a 3-pk if you notice but the regular ones are a 4-pk.

Update: The Dig It stones are not part of the Valentine clearance no matter what the Item # on top of the sku says.  (I am so glad that I got a ton of them in the Christmas clearance at 70% & 90% off.)

So here are some of the items I am looking for, let me know what you are looking for or have found.

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