Target Clearance Finds

  • By Stephanie
  • April 12, 2013
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I did my usual shopping trip to Target while waiting for Derby to get her hair cut.  It was not a big trip this week, but the Easter Clearance was still out and had not been salvaged yet.  I could not believe how much of the hidden Easter clearance was still there.  I restrained myself from buying all of it.  The Bubble gun fans were still in the bubble aisle marked $2.99 ringing up for $0.29.  The Jake and the Neverland Pirates cameras were on an endcap with the Disney stuff in toys. It was priced $5.00 ringing up for $0.50.  The Easter Mickey Memory games were with the rest of the memories on the game wall.  It was $4.99 ringing up for $0.49.  There were about 20 bubble fans, 3 Jake cameras, and 8 memory games.  I did not get any of them, because I don’t need anymore and wanted to leave them for others.  I don’t think kids would want to get Easter Memory for Christmas from Santa (even if they were donated).  I spent $4.69 and saved $42.58.

 target finds

  •  Since I found cake pop pans, I decided to go ahead and get the cake pop kit.  It was only 70% off at $2.09 (food was only 70%).  I did get another egg dying kit that came with cups because I previously purchased a kit that had 9 different colors and know S he is going to want all of the colors to be in the same type of cups.  It was only $.25.  I found a bundt pan mixed in with the rest of the NordicWare in housewares.  Since it was a spring color and not one of the bold colors on the new tags I got it for only $1.19.  What a deal!


  •  I found 3 of the Chicco Jack and Jill rattles in the baby section for $.39 each.  These will be great on baby shower gifts.  I got 4 Poise Roll-On Cooling Gels.  These were regularly $5.99 marked down on clearance to $2.98 and with 4 $3 off coupons I got them all for free.


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