Target Clearance Finds

  • By Stephanie
  • May 19, 2013
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I did my usual trip to Target with only the intention of getting to Brita water bottles.  Anything else I found would be the frosting on the cake.  Did I find a lot of frosting!!!  I think I knocked out some Christmas gifts and a few outfits for S when he gets older.


I go for one item and forget to put it in the big picture of all of my good finds.  The Brita bottles were $8.89 each.  I had a $3 Target coupon and a $3 Manufacturer coupon.  So I got each bottle for $2.89.  B wants to try Brita filters so the water taste better.  I grew up on well water so city water taste great to me.  These water bottles are so much cheaper than buying all the Brita filter stuff for B to try.  He wants to try and drink more tap water and not so much bottled water or cans of pop (about 4-6 cans a day).

  •  I got clothes from the big boy section.  S isn’t close to wearing them yet, but give him a year and half and he will.  I buy in advance to try and save money and end up saving a ton.  I got these two Shaun White button up shirts for $3.88 each and the cargo khakis for $5.08.  I think these will be perfect when he is in kindergarten.  I can just picture him wearing these outfits to school.


  •  S has been asking for a jump rope for quite some time now, and when we went over to B’s aunts one day S actually got out jump ropes and did pretty good when we told him to jump.  This was in the dollar section up front so how could I pass it up.  The Crayola Glow to Go I thought looked perfect for S.  He loves Magnadoodles and this is right up his alley.  It was on clearance for $4.48. Awesome deal!


  •  I thought Squinkies would die out a long time ago, but they haven’t and S is getting to that age where he is going to want them.  I think I got them for my nieces for there 4th birthday so time is creeping up on that for S.  I found the Toy Story Squinkies and thought they were cute.  When I saw the Cars Squinkies I knew I had to call B and ask him what he thought.  Then I found the crane for the Squinkies that takes coins and lights up and I knew it was over.  So I bit the bullet and got them for S.  Not sure when he will get it, but sometime in the future.  The Squinkies were $2.96 each and the crane was $5.98.


  •  When I saw all of this I thought of B’s cousin who has two boys and thought this may be perfect for them for Christmas.  I have to do a little more investigating on what this actually is, but I bought the whole set.  I figured I could go home and do some research and if they are not a good fit for the boys then return it all no harm done.  So the Monsuno Strike Sector I got for $7.48, the two strike clips were $2.38 and  I got all six metal clip spins for $.58 each.  So for about $15 I got both boys taken care of.


All in all I think I did really good.  I also bought a pack of gum, but don’t tell B I am not allowed to have gum because I have TMJ.  I spent $61.67 and saved $147.71.  I would say that is a great savings at about 59%.  All the toys and clothes were purchased at 70% off.  I love these kinds of shopping trips.

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