Target Clearance Finds

  • By Stephanie
  • May 7, 2013
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This week I took an early trip to Target.  I did not go to my usual Target but another one in search of some clearance sandals.  I did not find the sandals I was looking for, but did find some great deals.


I am not to sure about the duvet covers, but we really need some new ones.  Since my bedroom is painted navy blue I thought these would match great, but I am not sure if they look to 80’s.  The duvet covers were on clearance for $20.98, which was a great price at 70% off $69.99.  S is outgrowing his baby hooded towels and does not like to use towels without hoods, so even though I am not for Angry Birds I did breakdown and buy him this towel for $7.48.  He thinks it is a cardinal bird and wants to know if all the red birds outside have black above there eyes.  The towel was only 50% off, but I have never seen them cheaper because they always sell at this price and are not around for the lower markdowns.  I asked him if he wanted a Hello Kitty towel too but he said that was for girls.  I also got 3 soaps at $.97 each.  They don’t carry this soap at our Target so when we go to another one I am always sure to get some.  They were not on clearance, but S loves this soap and is kid friendly.  Not a big trip, but some great finds that were unexpected.  I may hit some of the other Targets this week to see if I can find those sandals.  In case you missed it in my other post, here is a picture of them.

Women's Mossimo® Perl Cage High Heel Sandals - Black Quick Information

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